Along with every other GH fan......

  • I think that it's such a shame that the old board had to be shut down. I hate to see "the bad guys" win one......

    I hope that it will be re-started in the near future, using some kind of automatic- blocking-technology. I also wonder how many people from the old board won't even be coming here, because they are so disgusted????

    Not being too brilliant in the computer department, I had trouble with registering - I hit
    the "avatar" picture, but it wouldn't come up onto the registration application page. When I hit "submit" the screen showed "error-no avatar".
    I was finally able to register, using ANOTHER computer, belonging to some one else. (And, I've never even HEARD of the word "avatar" before.)
    Possibly, some other people might have the same problems....

    Well, I hope that "this board" gets cookin' with
    all of the GHCP "usual suspects"!!!!

    Take care, everyone!


  • Welcome aboard is a shame the WWWboard closed (see other comments here )...

    Sorry to hear you had trouble registering, but it appears you're all set now :) Avatars are little pictures that you can associate with your member name - they're just for fun :D

    A tip - next time you 'Login' select the 'Remember Me' option, that way you won't have to think about can always put some test posts in the Try It Out forum until you get used to this format.

    Again, welcome and enjoy!

  • With the latest addition of Grace, I think it's great that I'm seeing so many names I recognize popping up here. I doubt too many regulars from the old Glenn site will have thrown in the towel just because some illiterate attention seeker got the board shut down. I was furious at first, I came and registered here and I wished I had done so long's a SUPERB site! In many ways it has the edge over the old board, and once you get used to the little extras you can add to your messages it becomes second nature. David, Shirean, I tip my metaphorical hat to you!


  • Thanks for the welcome, Shirean and James.

    I hope that all of the GH fans will meet here,
    although I still hope for the return of the old board - just for the principle of the thing.....

    But where's "Tiger Spencer"?


  • Hey Grace,

    If by "Tiger" Spencer you mean Chris in Scotland (I haven't gotten to the point where I can call him "Tiger" yet...), he's recently changed jobs which has required him to move, so he'll be offline for a while. Before he moved the Glenn board was still running too....I talk to him fairly regularly, so if I hear from him before you do I'll tell him to get his ass registered!


  • Yeah, I knew that he moved and probably can't even
    find the cardboard box with the computer in it....
    ...yet. Plus, he must be doing the "Highland Fling
    Yippee Dance" among the "Hues of the Glen Greens" since he apparently has the perfect job. If you talk to him, say HI.



  • New member from NZ here , keen to Rock this place!!!

    Whats done is done, you need a good shot, got 20/20 vision its time to rock and roll!!

  • our family of Glenn Hughes Crazy People!

    I've never seen a photograph of New Zealand that
    wasn't beautiful! Plus, lots o' sheep, huh?

    So.....what are your favorite GH lyrics?

    (Hope that GH gets to your country soon !!!!)



  • Hello Grace, James,Patrick Lewis n anyone who i have delat with !!

    I have now fouind the pC and back on line.

    Grace - love the chat below with James !!

    Later Friends


  • We got caught talking about you......
    ...but I hope that your golf game has improved.

    I went to the Deep Purple show on June 30th,
    here in Jersey. Get ready for a great show -
    When you see them in Septmber...your brains
    will fall out!!! (Although I still can't
    figure out why Ian Gillan performs barefoot.)



  • Hey guys n gals glad to be back and my ears were nt burning. Love the dracula n blood bank quip James !!

    Blairgowrie is wonderful but the golf game has gone down hill, but hey cannot have everything !!

    Later friends

  • Chris,

    Are you going to the re-scheduled DP concert
    on September 12th, with Jon Lord...AND THEN....
    to either of Glenn's concerts in London???????

    PS....practice the lyrics, AND SING LOUD !!!!


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