• I got my piece yesterday and I've been listening it over and over again. It's bloody great and even heavier than I thought.

    When you listen to this recording, you can hear that these guys are having fun. You know, they're playing very pure heavy rock. Not too many musicians do it today.

    My favourites are Devil's Road, Missed Your Name and Ride The Storm. They're different 'cause they're fast. Glenn's songs are usually played on medium tempo. So, these three sound fresh.

    I wonder what Richie Blackmore thinks if he gets to hear this cd. Here'n'there the guitar solos sound very Blackmorish. (That's good, of course)



  • I agree, those speed rockers are my favorites too, but I also listen to the mellow ones a lot too. The solos are really Blackmoreish, especially the slide guitar solos, very Gypsy and Temple of the King like. One of the things I didn't like about BTM is that it had very little uptempo material as is found on HTP, ROCk , and TWII, so I'm glad to see the new ones on HTP. And they are like the ones on 7th Star and Face the Truth.

  • Jep,
    sure HTP rocks...but at the moment "Heaven's Missing An Angel" is my favourite - Glenn has been talking so long that he will do something together with John, this is a dream come true...:)


    aijoo. Jarkko - hyvalta kuulostaa nuo sun biisit - jotain Uriah Heepmaista lauluissa.

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