• Tiedatko mista Tampereen Pakkahuoneelle saa lippuja?

    Tiketti myy vain Helsinkiin, eika Lippupalvelussakaan voitu auttaa. Treen pari paikallista musaliikettakin oli tietamattomia asiasta...

    Pakko olisi kuitenkin paasta, eli ajoissa liput Hesaan, jos Treen keikkaa ei olekaan.


  • Morjens Janne and all,
    I bought my ticket last Friday and asked about ticket sales and girl from Tiketti told me that they have sold surprisingly well, some people have even made reservations for more tickets. Perhaps other GH fans trying to make her/his friends come to see HTP too...????- I bought 12 tickets to my friends and they are coming...:)
    I'm going to buy a couple of more today, since all my friends don't visit Helsinki that often so it's easier for them to get their tickets from me.

    You can check some basic facts about Nosturi here:

    It seems that 900 people is their limit. Pakkahuone in Tampere is quite similar place.

    One thing we have to remember when we buy our tickets beforehand - when show is sold out it is harder to cancel...:)
    Let's show Glenn and Joe that Finland IS worth visiting!!!



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