Play Me Out and Blues

  • I've been a Glenn Hughes fan for few years now, but I just recently got Play Me Out and Blues.
    You must have gone through them before, but I would like to know your thoughts about those two albums.

    I've read that Glenn likes his first record the best. Am I right? What do you think? Is it really the best?

    In my opinion I think that in Glenn's case it's something more like a "feel" -thing. Play Me Out was his first album after the big stardom in Purple. It was his "show time" and it must have been very hard to come back to earth from the skies. Though Play Me Out got good reviews, it didn't sell too much.

    Anyway, at first when I started to listen Play Me Out, I was very excited. "I tell you something, you oughta know..." The Album opens very well with horns and stuff. But the more I listened to the songs, I couldn't prevent the feeling of disappointment.

    The are no great chorus -parts or melodies (except in two pretty good bonus songs which were done before Play me Out, I think : Fools Condition and the other one ). The groove is there in few songs but somehow the "plot" is missing. There are too many breaks and some parts are too stretched (I mean too long).

    But what I like in Play Me Out is the feeling of freedom. The guys play freely and Glenn sings freely. Nowadays the studio albums sound better and louder, but something is missing. You can hear that something from Play Me Out for example.

    Man, this is too long story already. So shortly about Blues: Though the title is Blues, I could have never guessed that it would truly be blues music!

    I love the guitarsounds and there are lots of great songs. Tony Franklin's fretless bass sounds great and Glenn can surely sing the blues!

    Give me some comments. Hope you understood what I tried to say. My english is not as good as I would like it to be.


  • You're on the right track, man..just give "Play" a chance to "grow on you "..I thought pretty much the same thing on the first is more of a "feel" or "groove" album..keep listening.

    "Blues" stikes me as more as "blues-rock"..I agree, good songs, tough-blazing guitars, and Glenn is in top form ( I've rarely heard a cd where his vocal chops didn't nail me to floor)

    Like you, I got these cd's after being a Glenn-freak for almost 30 years!
    I really dig discussing Glenn's stuff..

    Any gear fraks out there? I would love to talk to anyone interested in Glenns gear( guitars,amps, mikes, recording techniques)

  • Those are two of my favorite Glenn cds....Blues is the first solo cd I bought of his after hearing him on 7th Star with Sabbath and Gary Moore's Run For Cover. I love that Hard Rocking Blues sound....I guess it's more of a blues groove.

    Play Me Out has all the sounds I like rolled into one.....funk, soul, blues, rock,'s all good. It does have a dated sound but you have to remember when it was made-1976-77 and it's on a label that wasn't very big-Casablanca. I'm sure the money wasn't spend on production. Play Me Out is Glenn Letting it out-all out. I would love to hear some of these songs rerecorded today-they would then be truly appreciated for how good they are


  • Play Me Out took me a long while to get into. Like you I was disappointed at first, but got into it more later. I bought it about three years ago. I still don't play it all that much but it's probably time to put it on again. Those bonus tracks, the ones from 1978 and 1994, could have been big hits. I still have to go and get Blues, it's the only Glenn album I don't have.

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