Maui playlist...Jan.12th

  • Be sure and visit as they've just announced the Voices Rock Kaanapali playlist for the Saturday, January 12th performances in Maui, Hawaii.

    Highlights for us include:

    6:00 PM - Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow & Deep Purple and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple

    * Stone Cold
    * Street of Dreams
    * Burn
    * My Woman From Tokyo
    * Hush
    * Highway Star

    Glenn will also perform You Keep On Moving as part of the main set.

    The VH-1 Classic special is scheduled to air in March and April of 2002.


    We were hoping to see George Nastos as part of the band, as he appeared with them during the recent South American shows, but it doesn't appear as he's part of the line-up on this trip.

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