Favorite Cds of 2001

  • Just Thought I'd get some thought started out there as to what everyone liked and disliked in 2001.

    My favorite cds, in no order, were: Rob Lamothe-Wishing Well Hotel, Glenn Hughes-BTM, Ark-Burn the Sun, Incubus-Morning View and John Waite-Figure in a Landscape.

    Least Favorite: Gary Moore-Back to the Blues- oh Gary, What happened to you? Hope you come back with something less stale on your next try.

    Look forward to what everyone else thinks was great and less than great.


  • I have to agree with pony trekker - most of what I was playing this year was from days gone by. Didn't think much of the past musical year.

    Only new things I spent money on were:

    Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine
    Terry Brock - Back To Eden
    Gregg Rollie - Roots
    Nikolo Kotzev - Nostradamus
    Dave Meniketti - On The Blue Side
    Flickerstick - Welcoming Home The Astronauts

    2002 looks like we might be getting some good stuff coming out to make up for it. Already, we've had a taster with HTP...more of the same please ;)

  • I bought only few CD's, that were released in 2001. So there isn't really much to say. But here's somethin'!

    1. G.H: BTM
    (I just can't stop listening this CD!
    I just love the first 6 tracks.)

    2.David Coverdale: Into To The Light
    (I think this was out in 2000, but I bought it in 2001...Anyway, another great album (...ok, there are few commercial acts, like Love Is Blind). River Song sounds sooooo great, for example.)

    3. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus (This was a positive surprise. Songs are composed with style and the singers sound pretty good.)

    4. I bought lots of old music. Lately I have listened Thin Lizzy's albums. I haven't got'em all yet, but I intend to. Jailbreak, Bad Reputation and Black Rose are good albums, for ex.

    I made few mistakes too...

    1. Joe Lynn Turner: Slam (Not too big mistake but I just didn't like this. The songs were somehow boring.)

    2. King's X: Manic Moonlight (At first I thought that this would be a good album but man this is so goddamn boring!)

    3. Vangelis: Mythodea (Well, this is not rock music but I have to express (?...not sure about the word) my disappointment. I have always liked Vangelis' music but this time I didn't. Mythodea tries to capture something BIG, but I think Vangelis didn't achieve his goals.)

    4. It's hard to find good music nowadays! Guys from 70's are getting old and they can't hang around forever (Well, of course in their albums and in our hearts!), and somehow new people doing retro music can't capture the same feeling as the veterans of heavy/blues rock music.

  • Best Cds I bought this year:

    Nostradamus: Brilliant, I liked every song from the first listen, no warming up needed on this one.

    Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather live in Japan:

    Great rock/jazz instrumental album from Japan.

    Mark Boals, Ring of Fire. Great over the top Neo Classical Rock with Tony McAlpine on guitar, and the keyboard player smokes as well. Great songs.

    David Coverdale Into the Light. A change of direction from the Whitesnake stuff, mostly mid tempo and ballads. Now that his upper vocal range is gone he has adjusted the songs for it, so just about all of these songs have Coverdale singing in a lower register.

    Derek Sherinian: Inertia Great Rock fusion from the former Dream Theatre Keyboardist with Simon Phillips on drums and Steve Lukather and Zakk Wylde on guitars and Tony Franklin on bass.

    John Norum Slipped Into Tomorrow: I was slightly disappointed when I bought this but played it again the other day and it's better than I remember. One annoying thing is that sometimes on this his voice sounds like it is slowed down by a pitch changing machine.

    Paice Ashton Lord: Malice In Wonderland remaster. A very pleasant surpise to add to my Purple Family Tree collection, this band is funky and rocks and the songs are great. RIP Tony Ashton

    Blackmore's Night Fires at Midnight: More great songs from Ritchie and Candace. Finally more electric guitar solos from Ritchie after only one solo on the last album.

    CDs that disappointed me:

    GH BTM: Everyone says this is his best ever but I feel it lacks the energy of Rock. I keep playing it every once in awhile and there is some good stuff on it but it doesn't stick in my brain. Biggest disappointment is that all the songs are slow or mid tempo cept for Highball Shooter. At two songs, too many cover tunes. I'm the only one that doesn't like it that much, save for maybe one other person, so I feel embarrassed. Can't wait for the redemption that follows this with HTP.

    Jeff Beck You Had IT Coming: Yeah I had it coming when he tried to duplicate the brillant Who Else from 99 with this putrid attempt at more Techno rock. Lacks any memorable song structure and no memorable cooking solos like on Who Else.

    Kip Winger: Songs from the Ocean Floor:

    Should have left them down there Kip... As Glenn has said his 1996 THis Conversation... was brillant but this one lacks any good songs.

    Kelly Keagy: Time Passes. Gave this one some spins and nothing has stuck in my brain. It's bland AOR rock from the Night Ranger drummer.

    The only cds I buy are from old guys from the 70s and 80s. Thank god for them!!!!!!
    Journey Arrival: Ok Steve Augeri sings great but he is AN EXACT DUPLICATE OF STEVE PERRY!!!! I'm sure that's cool live but on record he should have some identity of his own and there isn't any at all. He even phrases his words and does little Steve Perryisms like Whhooooah from Who's Crying Now. Too many ballads on this one and bland tunes. There are a few good songs though, the band is hot so it's not a total loss.

  • John- I agree "Fires At Midnight' is one of Blackmores' best efforts in the last couple of years, certainly the most strat we've heard from Blackmore in a while. As far as Glenns' latest releases R.O.C.K is exactly what it says-its a rock album! I, too , expected R.O.C.K, part 2.
    BTM is more laid back, and after many listenings, I think it is quite good. 'Can't Stop The Flood', 'Out On Me', and 'Don't Let It Slip Away' are rockers, indeed.
    Jeff Becks' latest was good, but certainly 'Who Else' is one of THE best albums, ever!
    I liked Turner with Rainbow, as I was a teen at the time, but don't care for him much now...certainly I hope to be impressed by him with the upcoming 'duet' with Glenn. I heard the soundclip, and was un-impressed with Turner, but I can't pass judgement yet.
    And I saw Journey on VH-1. Thier new vocalist is a carbon-copy!
    Hopefully, by the time I'm 80, VH-1 will have a documentary of DP or Glenn!

  • I must agree with Tony H on Kelly Keagy. I was excited about this release especially with all the guests on it. I find it hard to pick out more than 2-3 songs that I would listen to more than the token few times. A major bust, Kelly could have done better!!


  • ...the one CD that's been stickin' around in my player the longest this year has been SAVATAGE - "Poets And Madmen." For those of you not familiar with Savatage, they are definitely a hard rocking band, but they also have their "tender" moments as well. They definitely have an "old school" sound to them, influenced by Black Sabbath, Queen, The Beatles, and others. They're definitely a great band with a long history of kickin' major ass, and if you haven't heard 'em, I highly recommend you check 'em out!

    Also, NOSTRADAMUS was simply a masterpiece, and Glenn's BTM was really good too!


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