Glenn's next installment of From the Archives

  • Does anyone know when the next From the Archives is expected? I thought it would be this year but have not heard anything.

  • according to a recent interview with Glenn. But it wouldn't surprise me if it's pushed out a little further, just because of the Hughes-Turner Project which is due around the same time. Then maybe a little later in the year Hughes/Thrall II. I'm sure we'll here more soon enough...

    Here's a snippet from that interview (which by the way you can read in the Media Center forum!)

    Songs From The Westside

    "It's very cool actually. I shouldn't have talked about it on my website like I did, but I didn't know I was gonna have this many releases. That album is archival, really; there are three cover songs, which are Ain't That Peculiar by Marvin Gaye, You Are Everything by The Stylistics and the third one is Stormy Weather, which Stevie Wonder wrote for The Supremes. It's very cool; I did it in a very R&B way in a studio back in January 1995. The next five songs I did with a drummer named Carl Kennedy. It is a poppy; not pop-pop, but very trippy-poppy with some great guitar playing with Tim Pierce, a session guy from LA, a real major league guitarist.

    As for the last couple of songs they're with Marc Bonilla. These aren't outtakes from Addiction, but they're from about the same time too. They're sort of poppy-rock or trip. There's one called The Last Hello, which is a ballad and one called Ready To Me which is a mid-tempo ballad. I call it late night music. Actually, the songs I did with Carl Kennedy are like a male Sade vibe. The album is not as jazzy as Incense And Peaches or R&B, it's more poppy. It's probably not coming out until next Spring 'cos there's so much shit coming out from me at the moment!"

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