What's in your CD Player?

  • Well in my case, the car 6-disc CD changer!

    1. Abraxas Pool (same)
    2. Dave Meniketti - On The Blue Side
    3. Strangeways - Native Sons
    4. Neneh Cherry - HomeBrew
    5. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus (Disc 1)
    6. Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus (Disc 2)

    Certainly a diverse selection, but it makes the daily commute a little more bearable - but I'm still in dire need of some new Glenn songs, so waiting patiently 'til August :)

    So there's my current playlist...how about yours?

  • Hi there,

    here's my CD-playlist of the last week:

    1. AL GREEN - Explores your mind
    2. JEFF BECK - Who else? (first I hated it, but now...)
    3. GOLDFRAPP - felt Mountain
    4. LOVE - Forever changes
    5. PAUL RODGERS - 1999 Mark & Brian show /
    1994 Woodstock (homemade CD-r)
    6. MONTROSE - The very best of...

  • In My Living Room: (5 disc)

    -Doyle Bramhall II "Welcome"
    -Frank Marino "At The Odeon" Disk 2 (boot)
    -Halford "Live Innsurrection" disk One
    -Ian Moore "Via Satellite"
    -Glenn Hughes at Birch Hill (boot of course)

    In My Bedroom: (5 disk)

    -Stevie Wonder "Innervisions"
    -Pat Metheny "Letter from Home"
    the other 3 empty

    In My Computer Room: (excluding CD Roms)

    -Deep Purple- "Made in Sheffield" (Boot)

    In the Garage:

    -Iced Earth "Something Wicked this Way Comes"

    In My Car:

    -Tool "Lateralus"

  • Actually, In my CD wallet:

    The Company of Snakes- Here They Go Again
    Concerto Moon- The End Of The Beginning
    Demons and Wizards- Demons and Wizards
    Kiss- Alive 3
    Nikolo Kotzev- Nostradamus
    Ted Nugent- Full Bluntal Nugity
    Ten- Babylon
    To Die For- All Eternity


  • Glenn Hughes - Building the Machine
    Sloan - Navy Blues
    Del Amitri - Change Everything
    Eric Gales - That's What I Am
    King's X - Manic Moonlight
    Philosopher Kings - Famous, Rich and Beautiful
    Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly
    Maxwell - Now
    Mr. Big - Actual Size
    Splender - Halfway Down the Sky
    Sly and the Family Stone - Anthology
    Simon and Garfunkel - Greatest Hits
    and a handful of Napster mixes I made.....

  • 1. Building The Machine / glenn Hughes
    2. Great Sky River / Jazz Is Dead
    3. Ziggy's 9-7-01 / Derek Trucks Band
    4. Kind Of Blue / Miles Davis
    5. Nuclear Cowboy / John Sykes
    6. Crazy enough To Sing To You / Warren DeMartini
    7. Livewood / Paul Weller(pc)

  • This is what I have playing in the car now - another diverse selection to say the least!!

    1. Terry Brock - Back To Eden
    2. White Sister - Fashion By Passion
    3. Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine
    4. Gregg Rolie - Roots
    5. Pat Travers - Puttin' It Straight
    6. Flickerstick - Welcoming Home The Astronauts

  • Hello everyone!

    Glad to see people are listening pretty good music. Currently my list is looking something like this:

    - Glenn Hughes: Building The Machine (Of course!)
    - King's X: Manic Moonlight
    - King's X: Dogman (their best!)
    - David Coverdale: Northwinds
    - Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeange
    - Whitesnake: All the great late 70's and early 80's!
    - King Crimson: Three Of a Perfect Pair

  • 1. Glenn Hughes-Building the Machine
    2. Billy Sheehan-Compression
    3. Mr Big-Actual Size
    4. Big Wreck-The Pleasure and the Greed
    5. Ark-Burn the Sun
    6. Rob Lamothe-Wishing Well Motel
    7. Rob Lamothe-Steering With My Knee
    8. John Waite- Figure in a Landscape
    9. John Mayer-
    10.Joe Lynn Turner-Slam

    Rob Lamothe, for those unfortunate souls who have not heard his voice is probably one of the few singers who can be mentioned in the same breathe as Glenn when it comes to talent, though their styles are opposite ends of the spectrum. The closest I can compare Rob to is Paul Rodgers and that's nothing to shake a stick at. Do yourself a favor and check him out. He does have a website with mp3s.

  • 1. Glenn Hughes / BTM
    2. Herbie Hancock / Headhunters
    3. DeepPurple / Days May Come.......
    4. Santana / Blues For Salvadore
    5. John Coltrane / A Love Supreme
    6. Frogwings / Croakin' At Toad's

  • NEw stuff! NEw stuff!
    1. Whitesnake / Ready An Willing
    2. Glenn Hughes / BTM
    3. Davey Pattison / Big Muddy
    4. Gov't Mule / The Deep End 1
    5. Tool / Undertow
    6. Mogg-Way / Chocolate Box

  • 1.Moke
    3.King's X-Manic Moonlight
    4.Porcupine Tree-Lightbulb Sun

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • I'm listening to Wings of Heaven by Magnum.
    Saw them live a couple of days ago.

    White Swan, Don't Wake The Lion and Days Of No Trust are great tracks

  • Been listening to Afterglow - obviously!

    But the most played cd of this year is United We Stand by BRAD by an absolute mile.
    Another set of Shawn Smith masterpieces. This guy should be one of the biggest stars on the planet.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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