Yet another side project

  • Thanks to Andrew of for posting this info - still waiting on MTM Music's web site to come on-line.

    Looks like Glenn is going to be doing some work with drummer Bobby Rondinelli, who has confirmed his new project start date and line up. Aside from Glenn, it will feature powerhouse musicians Teddy Rondinelli and Neil Murray. They will start recording the album in March / April.

    I guess this type of project is what is needed to get him back into the "minds" of the industry, which in turn might welcome him back with no hesitation, and then finally allow us to hear the music, he really wants to play - just my humble opinion!!

    At least we have lots to look forward in the coming months.

  • I don't know about this, I personally think that this is a step backwards for Glenn. These guys have an even lower profile than Glenn's. Glenn needs to follow his heart and do what he wants not what he thinks his fans or record companies want. I would prefer that he finished the Hughes/Thrall project and wishful thinking but a tour down under wouldn't go a miss either.


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