When did you discover Glenn?

  • For me, it was by recommendation from a friend to pick up a copy of Medusa by Trapeze, he dug the guitar player!

    But as soon as I heard the voice I was hooked.

    This was 1978 - I'd just missed the Purple years, but it was this one album, that drew me into the music of Glenn Hughes. I quickly accumulated his catalogue as it was then and when the early '80s came around, was just knocked out with Hughes/Thrall.

    A funny story - all my friends at the time kept taking the piss that I was this hippy guy due to my liking of Trapeze (yes I know, go figure!?!), but as soon as Hughes/Thrall hit the streets, that soon shut them up! Before you knew it, I was transformed from the hippy to the cool dude - thanks Glenn!!

    So there's my story...how about yours?

    Do tell... ;)

  • I have always been a huge fan of George Lynch. So if the Spring of 1994, I bought his album "Sacred Groove." Almost immediately, I was blown away by the vocals on "Not Necessary Evil" and "Cry of the Brave." I was like "this Glenn Hughes guy is unbelieveable!!" (I should mention that I am only 24, so I was not familiar with Trapeze, and whenever I thought of Deep Purple I always thought of Ritchie Blackmore. The background vocals on "Misunderstood" by Motley Crue were great, too.
    So I basically went out on a limb and was determined to buy any album by Glenn just because I had never heard a rock voice so impressive. So I bought "Burning Japan Live" and "From Now On..." and from there, the rest was history.
    I have been hooked on Glenn's music ever since, and I have my fingers crossed that he will be coming to Cincinnati on the upcoming tour (or someplace nearby). I also hope that one day he hooks back up with George to record some new stuff!!

  • a long time ago i was a young boy ( 1977 ).
    i went in a store to get deep purple made in japan
    and immediately i loved that lp.
    so i sterted to search other bands and relative players. i could discover uriah heep black sabbath led zeppelin ufo rainbow................................
    the guy in the store explained to me about deep history, so i got fireball, in rock and machine head about purple.
    but i asked often about mk 3, and such as several people he told me that was better mark 2.
    mk 3 an mk 4 was not real purple.!!!!!!!!!
    my answer was:" ok give me made in europe" eh eh eh.
    i saw the pictures on the cover and immediately i looked the bass player with the long hair.
    i heard lp and the day after with my few money i went to get burn and stormbringer.
    after one week finally i took what for me is one of my first ten record of ever. come taste the band.
    ok, ok, mark 2 is good, but i always prefered mk 3 and mk 4.
    in that time there was not videotape.
    there were pubs where the guys could see movie in a reel.
    so one night we went to see california jam about deep purple.
    i don't remember if was 1979 1980. i don't remember.
    after few minutes all people were disappoined, because there were not gillan glover but coverdale hughes.
    i was entusiast about it. eh eh eh.
    so in that moment i saw glenn in live show.
    i loved immediately. his voice his dressing.....everythings.
    in that moment started the hunt to all stuff with glenn hughes.
    finally some years ago i could meet him and from that moment we are in contact and i can meet him sometimes on the road.
    this is just a short summary about my personal experience with glenn's music.



  • In high-school ,I was a bass player in several bands. A guitar player turned me on to Trapeze in 1972..Just in time to see them play at the Majestic in Dallas..They started with "Way Back To The Bone"..From that moment on, I have been a Glenn Hughes "freak"..To the point of being teased by my band buds.I've anxiously awaited all of Glenns efforts. One of the highlights of my life will always be the night I got to meet Glenn after the Feb.1999 Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert in Dallas..I ..was..speechless..My best friend and drummer, Rob spoke up and said to Glenn.."Man, you are just so good"..As we turned and walked away, Glenn said, "Hey, get off on the vibe ! Thanks Glenn, we will


  • Back in early 73' I believe, I was starting my first real band. I played guitar, and had several older friends that played in bands as well. I had one friend in particular, who was a bass player, had turned me on to several different types of music- namely, Lynyrd Skynyrd (right after thier first release), Weather Report, Wishbone Ash, Average White Band, and this 3 piece band he saw play in Peoria Illinois called Trapeze. Out of respect for him, I listened to this stuff until I learned to appreciate all of it. But with the Trapeze Medusa album- it was instant. I went out and bought "You are the Music" and that pretty much locked it down... Trapeze is still one of my all-time favorites. I don't remember what magazine it was, but I read of Glenn joining with Purple and freaked out- all this took place in what seems to have been a couple of months. I was already a Purple/Sabbath/Uriah Heep/Amboy Dukes fanatic.... this seemed too good to be true, and yet, there was this bitter after thought of the chance that Trapeze would be no more. It wasn't until I saw California Jam on ABC television that I ever saw Glenn perform. In my eyes, Glenn was the ultimate image of what a rock star should be.
    He had the world around his finger... his looks /stage image, his obvious raw talent, women, booze and drugs. Glenn was as close to being an idle for me as anyone could. I followed Glenn's career ever since. He always seemed to pop up in places that I was looking through-out the years between Purples break up and now -PatTravers,I was a huge fan of Little Feat in College (hollywood Horns drummer) And of course the Seventh Star album Blew me away. In the Animal House I lived in during College, my roomates dubed the Hughes Thrall album the "Huge Thrill" album because I listened to it so often.
    So that's how it happened for me. It took place when Glenn became a Deep Purple member and I when I saw him on TV.


  • Well, back in the late 1970's I had a freind in a band. he raved about Glenn s bass playing and so I went and got Made In Europe - and bang - what a bass player and singer too !!! You only have to hear the funky bass lines in Burn and You fool no one. Later I picked up You are the music and was completely hooked.

    If I ever need to get in the mood for a night out i still put on Burn and YFNO, crank up the volume and pretend to be Glenn - it works wonders.

    Now I am a complete Glenn addict with all his legit stuff and 99% of the bootleg stuff. I cant get enough of the funkmeister !!!!

  • I was into buying LOTS of records when I was younger, and I picked an album by Trapeze called You Are The Music, We're Just The Band as part of my weekly ritual. The minute I heard "Feeling So Much Better Now", I was hooked. Hughes/Thrall is still one of my all-time favorite albums.

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