Electronica album - heard anything?

  • During the '99 Brazilian tour Glenn spoke on TV about a project he was working on which encompassed electronica, rock, jazz & funk. He mentioned he hoped to have it out in the Summer of 2000 - but - it would be released 'undercover', not as Glenn Hughes.

    Similar to what Garth Brook's did last year with his 'Chris Gaines' pseudonym release.

    Does anyone know the scoop on this - it sounds like a killer combination.

  • Hi David:

    This probably is the album Glenn did
    with Manfred Ehlert. Maybe it will see
    the daylight in 2001, I don't know. Manfred
    has the mixes ready, that's what he told me in

    - Fedor

  • Hey Fedor...welcome to the Fan Forum

    I thought it might be the work Glenn did with 'Snakes In Paradise' guitarist Thomas Jacobsson, which is very cool and a very unexpected sound, but at the same time, suits him down to the ground!

    But as you say, hopefully whichever it is, we'll get to hear the whole thing this year sometime.

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