• Congrats to David & Shirean! I can appreciate how
    much work you must've put into this new revamped
    version of the Picture Gallery site. Great stuff!


  • Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it.

    We hope everyone enjoys the new site and it encourages you all to participate either here in the Fan Forum, as a site contributor, CTC subscriber, participant or just as vocal a supporter of Glenn's work you can be - we've got to get the word out

    We can't let his talent be wasted on just a few, all be it, die-hard fans - the rest of the planet must here 'the voice'

    Seriously, enjoy the site and expect more to come now it's "alive" - it's been alot of hard work, but well worth it - cheers to all on this, New Years Day!

    2001 - can you believe it - maybe we're just getting old or something

  • May i take this opportunity to thank you for what you are doing for us - the fans from all over the globe, this is great and much appreciated!!!

    Also i would like the best for everybody, for now, later and the future,...

    seas the music!

    Warm regards from Holland,...Joh. Krijgsman

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