Soulful Starbucks !!

  • So David and I persuaded the local manager of our nearby Starbucks to play Soulful Christmas during an afternoon session, during the week leading up to Christmas.

    He was impressed enough with the CD to do it - the reaction was good with a few folks asking "who's that great singer" amongst others...

    So shall we start a Xmas 2001 campaign folks...?? Perhaps Pink Cloud should submit the CD to Starbucks for inclusion in their roster??

    It was really cool to be sitting their listening to Glenn pouring out of the speakings, with our Latte's in hand, staring out at the people watching their reactions!!


  • Hi I had the CD playing on my Public Access channel the entire month of December. I had a few calls as to who it was and was very happy :) Gave everyone the info as to how to get it so im sure ive helped Glenn sell a few CDs.


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