My, how quickly things change!!

  • Taken from an October, 2000 interview with David Coverdale:

    ...Glenn Hughes said in a recent article that he would definitely work with you again. Would you ever consider doing a duets album with him along the lines of some of the classic Deep Purple songs on Stormbringer, Burn and Come
    Taste The Band?

    Sadly unlikely. What's past is past. Good luck to him.

  • Sadly.... I don't like the tone of David's reply.
    I wish I could see how high his nose was raised for this one. But there is some merit in "the past is the past". I don't mean to be mean- but the fact of the matter is- David's still got a wonderful voice- but his range and abilities have been cut by 2/3's. My opinion is that he is not able to sing like the past- there-for the snubbing of Glenn. (That's my interpretation)


  • Well, Mark, you're in luck wanting to know how high David's nose was because I was sitting about 3 feet away from it when he answered that question, which comes from the interview I did with him using questions from fans and appears on his official site. I can unequivocally tell you that he had no intention of snubbing Glenn with his reply. All he was saying is that he wouldn't want to go back and re-record an album of songs that they already did many many years ago. I very much doubt Glenn would want to either. There's never been any enmity between the two of them, as proved by their obvious delight in meeting up again recently.

  • Thanks for your reply- and setting me strait! How easy it is to jump to conclusions from years of bits and pieces of confirmed and unconfirmed information. I'm glad to know my interpretation was wrong! ....and you know 2/3's was a bit harsh too. I'm really enjoying "Into the Light" - one of my favorite albums of 2000.


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