Glenn Hughes to appear with Emerson/Wakeman ?

  • Does anyone know what's going on with this....

    Rumour or truth?

    Rick Wakeman says, "The Emerson / Wakeman CD will be instrumental, but there will be a bonus CD given away with the recording that will contain stuff from Keith and myself that we are perhaps well known for , We will be appearing on each others stuff on this give-away CD as well and because a lot of this will require vocals , Glenn Hughes certainly seems to be the front runner having already recorded a version of 'Tarkus' with Keith.

    and this...

    Wakeman and Keith Emerson have written the music for an instrumental album together; release was once expected in November, but it may have since been delayed.

    Plans for a joint tour of North America have been delayed until summer 2001; Emerson has said that they plan to bring along their sons Adam Wakeman and Aaron Emerson (both keyboardists). Previous plans were for a 20-piece orchestra and rock band, possibly including Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple), for a set list including Yes, ELP and Deep Purple material. Roger Dean is rumoured to be involved on the design side. The tour may come to Europe at some stage; and a live album, video and DVD from the tour are planned.

  • yes, i heard this rumour directly from glenn hughes.
    he told me about this project in tour 99.
    glenn spoke with emerson by the phone, then told me about cd and maybe also live dates, with orchestra, wakeman and emerson.
    but at that time only in u.s.a.
    now, i read there's a possibility also in europe.


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