Weird Covers :-)

  • Here is a very strange cover of "Gypsy", done a few years ago during a studio rehearsal. Enjoy it (if you can ..haha) :D

  • For those who cannot get enough, I found another old tape, this one is a cover of the title track of the 1986 Black Sabbath record, called "Seventh Star" :D

  • Thanks, Shirean, even it sounds awful to MY ears....hahaha...but don't forget, it was only made for fun .. :)

    Here's the last one of those clips's from BTM, called "Can't stop the flood". I HOPE you will recognise ...hahaha :cool:

  • Hi Folks,

    in our rehearsal room I found an old analog tape this afternoon, which was cut in two pieces. It's a kind of "fun demo" which was made approx. 1990. I have no use for it, but I thought it would be cool to post it here, if anyone wants to give it listen.
    It's a DP song, "Sail Away" and I made it with a 4-track recorder at that time, so I could add one by one track until it was finished. I was blushing when I heard it again this afternoon, because for my ears it sounds very strange nowadays :o

    Beside the drums, I played all instruments including vocals.

    Have fun with it!

    Peace, Achim

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