Burn Remaster review

  • I know there is a similar topic elsewhere in the Purple section but thought i'd do a mini review separately here.

    Firstly, nice packaging with a detailed 24 page booklet.

    All you need to know is that this rocks!
    You should all know the tracks by now yourselves anyway.

    The remastering has made a big difference.
    Much more than i expected.
    The vocals both separately and together really stand out. All the instruments are much clearer all round.

    The remixes are also really good.
    Coronarious Redig sounds much better and funkier than i remember it and the extra bit on the end with Ritchie is a bonus.
    David's voice on Mistreated is fantastic. You're in the room with him.
    Sail Away is Glenn funking up purple with that groove. Must get on the set list in December.

    Glenn now gets a co-writing credit on all the tracks except Mistreated, Sail Away & the instrumentals

    What else can i say but buy it.

    "It's in my blood"

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Quote from wolfysmith

    What else can i say but buy it

    ..and many have bought....best selling album of the remaster series so far! Not bad, eh?

  • It's hard to get this stuff offline, so thanks to Coverdale's comments " I saw that in Tower Records" I knew it was there! And sure enough it was there and only 22 bucks, just got it last night. I can't tell the difference yet from the inital listen, I then came home and tried to compare the two on my computer...and still couldn't tell. I like Conorias Redig....Sometimes you gotta wonder, why was that left off instead of the awful, useless, tuneless A-200 which I always skip? What were they thinking? Same with Painted Horse on WDWTWA.


  • Hi John,

    I agree (like mostly) with you about what you said about the remastered version. I thought the same thing when listening to it. But in one point I diagree, mate. In my eyes, A 200 has always been a highly interesting jazzrock tune like it was trendy to do at that time. Remember Colosseum II (With a certain Don Airey on keys) did very similar pieces and last but not least Uriah Heep did a song which was sounded VERY inspired by A200. It was the titletrack of the "Return to Fantasy" album (which I like)...different to DP...they put some vocals to it. I always loved the way Lord played these Moogs and the way Blackmore hits in with his guitars...always send me shivers down my spine.:bow: :claphands

    But, John, mate....I guess there will be hundreds of ppl listening to it and you´ll have hundreds of different views:lol:

    a great week to you and everyone here,


  • Ok now I listened to both version with headphones. The new one is more bassier and punchier and livelier...The old one in comparison sounds like an Am radio. One of the good things about remasters is they also are able to remove the tape hiss without compromising the sound. For example, you can hear the tape hiss on the intro to MJTYLife and on the new one it's not there. Another thing about Coronarias is you can hear some of the melody of Rainbow's Catch the Rainbow....(which was also later stolen during the ending soaring guitar melody of Coverdale's Blindman!!)


  • I bought the CD and double vinyl. CD is cool but vinyl kills!, and was cheapest than CD. I think that the guy in the record shop had a mistake or something but, i bought, paid and of course didn't say nothing. It's a double vinyl of a limited edition of numbered copies (mine is 1883) and it costs 22 euros... I've piad 24 for CD.
    Miguel. Asturias
    http://<woltlab-metacode-marker data-name="u" data-uuid="f22af868-9b1e-4e75-bbcd-63fdb641abdc" data-source="W1Vd" />www.metal80.com<woltlab-metacode-marker data-uuid="f22af868-9b1e-4e75-bbcd-63fdb641abdc" data-source="Wy9VXQ==" />

  • I'm just listening to that ;) Remaster sounds pretty cool I would say. Booklet rocks as well. And last but not least, I got this dirty cheap in our local CD shop. It was in a great shape and cost 169 Czech Crowns which is approx. 7 Euros, I could not believe my eyes! Same price for remastered Fireball and In Rock! Really welcomed surprise for a poor student :D

  • Luckily I didn't have Burn on CD yet to worry about if the sound really justified buying it again. The remixes at the end aren't necessary and were probably just put there to fill up the CD since the previous remasters were loaded with extras. The (slightly) extended Coronarias Redig is good to finally have on CD and the booklet is lots of fun. The funnies part is when Coverdale speaks disapprovingly of glam rock. Someone should have read that back to him in the late 80s when he was dying and teasing his hair.

  • Thought the Burn Remaster was excellent.

    Not sure I totally buy into keeping the strange sound at the start of You Fool No One or the comments from Mr C before Mistreated but the album does sound mighty fine.

    It always was a classic album but it was never able to properly shine. It does now and goes straight to the top of the DP classic album list.

    The whole band were on top form from Ritchie's breathtaking guitar work, Jon's funked up organ sounds and the wonderful partnership of Paicey and our Glenn. The discovery of a voice the calibre of Mr C's was just the icing on the cake.

    What a debut album from DP Mk III.

  • This album is full of killer tracks. I never thought I'd get over the departures of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, but this LP (yes...an actual album!) put my fears to rest! I didn't think an album as good as this could be any better but of course, it is now. WOW! I don't know what else to say....just wow. Glenn kicks major ass on this record, as do the entire band. The new CD sounds so much better than my original CD. My LP actually stills sounds awesome but this is just amazing!

  • Remastered Albums ...UMMM.

    A personal bugbear of mine..I remember in the early 80's reading a piece from a major record distrubutor bragging how the arrival of the CD format was like "Finding Oil"..they could sell all the albums people had on vinyl all over again.
    And when they first appeared..my god they were expensive.

    Then came napster & the like ..you know the rest of the story.

    I would be more willing to purchase a remaster if :
    A) I could trade in the original for a Discount
    B) They were always superior to the original.

    I have bought many re-masters that sound crap..or very little difference.

    If you really want more bass, treble , whatever ..just purchase some mastering software and changed any track you feel to YOUR tastes.
    Mastering & production is Subjective to different peoples perceptions.

    Burn sounds good to me as it was.

  • Remember DC's comments in the 'Saints & Sinners' UK Tour program about 'white noise merchants' when refering to a certain style of HR/HM Guitar style? Then 'white noise' permiated the 1987 album..allbeit to great effect.& bank balance..

  • Yes indeed

  • Coronarias Redig has nothing to do with the album. It wasn‘t recorded in Montreux Nov. 1973 but in Copenhagen in December, just as a B side for MJTYL.

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