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  • Received my copy of Soulfully Live on Friday from Cd Xpress ( The poor visual quality has already been well documented. I don't understand the technicalities of it so I won't dwell on it. I would have been more disappointed if it looked fantastic and sounded terrible. The truth is the sound and performances by Glenn and the band are amazing. i've seen the dvd three times now and i'm hooked. The quality of the performances overshadows the visual shortcomings. No doubt everyone on this site will buy the dvd so you don't need me to tell you how good Glenn and the band are. Personal favourites for me are 'Written all over your face' JJ excels, 'Seafull', GH's tone is awesome, 'Gettin Tighter' the whole band ROCK!

  • To get the unpleasant fact of the matter out of the way straight up front, let me just say this: amateurs with flashlights and web cams could have shot a better video than this! Grainy, dark, both over and underexposed depending on the camera angle, and for the most part shot with way too low a frame rate, the video portion of the Soulfully Live... DVD is quite simply the most unprofessional looking professionally filmed product I've ever seen. Sad but true.

    That said, however, the obvious shortfalls of the film itself do not dim the amazing performance put on by Glenn and company that evening. Simply electric! And the sound quality - nothing short of stunning! Every vocal utterance, every beat of the drum, every note played has been pristinely reproduced here, and with such clarity that the listener is made to feel as if he or she was there, as if the concert were being held right in their own living room. Truly astounding.

    As one of the lucky few who was fortunate enough to have been in attendance that evening, I can honestly say that where the DVD fails to capture what we all saw, it certainly manages to capture what we all heard and felt; a captivating performance from one of the most soulful singers the rock world has ever known, backed by a tight band of gifted friends and professionals.

    Chock full of explosively passionate renditions of Glenn Hughes classics whose quality transcend the myriad of shortcomings of the DVD itself, Soulfully Live… is nothing if not a wonder of a live album, even if it's not so great a DVD.

    My advice is to put it on, sit on down, close your eyes, and let the music move you the same way it did the rest of us the night it was played.

    -Marc Fevre

  • Havent't seen the dvd yet, but i'm surprised that all the fans are very critical about the dvd (videosection) and the press is very 'soft' with their verdict about the videosection and praise the dvd for its sound and performance

    dvd killed the radiostar.....


  • Well, blow me down with a feather! :eek:

    I ordered Soulfully Live ... in both DVD and CD format from on Tuesday, both limited edition, and after receiving an email last night to say they had been distributed, they arrived today! Now THAT'S service!

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the DVD! I'd read everyone's comments on it and was a bit down-hearted, but it's just as I expected it to be. Yes, it's 'dark' and out of synch in a couple of places, but so what? It was superbly 'up close and personal' and I was so pleased to see some of my friends being a part of the shoot ^^ The sound is excellent - I could hear his bass clearly - and I've now got 'Mistreated' to watch again and again, although as David ( said last night you can't skip from song to song, but of course that's what the CD's for icon28.gif I love the booklet, too.

    In college tonight, the tutor's talking about local government and all I can hear in my head is 'Written All Over Your Face' - what IS it about that song that gets inside your head for days at a time?

    Glenn made this long-awaited DVD for us and I can only thank him for delivering what we asked for. As Marc says - 'put it on, sit on down, close your eyes, and let the music move you the same way it did the rest of us the night it was played,' which I'll be doing before I go to bed.

    Next stop - December.

    How much happiness can a girl take? :bow:


    'The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return'

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Have the new Blackmore's Night DVD, it's a 5 track sampler and comes free with their latest CD compilation. The DVD is not out of synch and is excellent quality.

  • I have to agree, I was disappointed with DVD image quality, mix and mastering. I would not be surprised if a limited budget had to do with the outcome. A little more time and care could have made the DVD a A+ but I understand thier are so many constraints, time, money ...

    The performance was steller and I am just happy to have something besides a audience boot or CAL Jam 1 to see Glenn in action!!!!

    Lets all be happy for that

  • Hi all.

    I think the DVD is superb....the performance was excellent...the sound brilliant and the packaging cool.
    I quite like the grainy main picture and the difference when the side views are flashed on.
    Also the black and white all changes when you get used to the main.
    It's like an album that takes a few plays then grows on you.
    At the end of the interviews came Glenn's entrance outside the man...that put shivers down my spine....

    I think the people who were there should post the time on the DVD clock that they appear on it along with their third from the left etc.

    The great thing about having the DVD is that now we can see Glenn performing those great songs.

    Many thanks to you Glenn :claphands


    Pete S. :singer:

  • The great thing about having the DVD is that now we can see Glenn performing those great songs.


    'There's a light in the distance, and a voice that cries freedom'

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • I agree with most of what Marc said. When I watch the DVD, I want to close my eyes too :P Really, the sound is excellent and it's a pity that they didn't put "In My Blood" and "Blue Jade" on there - they would have been highlights for sure!


  • I got my copy on Friday and I have to say I did feel a little dissapionted with the Video quality. The packaging and audio is superb. But, I do not want to close my eyes and just listen I do not think that is the purpose of a DVD.I want to see this great performance in the manner it justly deserves.However, it is great to have a visual record of the performance and Glenn is in great form. I have found the best way to view the DVD is with the brightness of my TV turned up and the contract turned down.

  • Oh... forgot to say the "out of Sync" is actually quite frustrating for me.

    There... I feel much better now... ;)

  • Ayup!

    Yep I got it from Tesco too Shirl - exactly the same slightly late, but once dispatched quick service!!!

    I quite like the effect of the dark/grainy shots & the high contrast close up stuff....

    But the syncing is AWFUL in several places!!!

    Great performance, sound & packaging - think I'll be plying it mostly as audio tho...! A shame, but far better than nowt!

    Only other thing is, if I didn't know from reading this board that this is a problem with all copies, I'd be sending it back for an exchange for another copy in the hope it was just a rogue dodgy one....



  • As I have also posted on The video is stylized and although taken aback at first I really like it now. It has a 70's film feel and the darkness is just part of that. It also hides a multitude of sins - you dont see the cameramen and you do see a younger looking, fuller haired Glenn.
    As for the sync. Well the slow frame rate is partly to blame, but I would say the main culprit is the fact that Glenns vocals are blatantly overdubbed in many places. Yes it does seem to lose sync which shouldn't happen, but how much is due to the above or through encoding I'm not too sure.
    I wish it had proper chapters, I wish it didn't fade to black. But most of all I wish I had been there.
    Stop the moaning. Its still a great performance by a great artist and lets be honest we would all still buy it if it was shot upside down in black and white by Stevie Wonder

  • Well glad to see I am to the only one who thinks this is amatuerish n 3rd rate!! What a disappointment!! Glenn deserves far more than this!!! It gives the impression of lack of quality control.:mad:

    It would have been better done as an audience with Glenn Hughes like the TV show over here, a few naff questions, a few celeb friends to jam with G and loadsa songs, or better still a proper gig.

    Both the DVD and Live CD are not live albums like the classic live albums. Its sterile. Written All over Your FAce is a classic that builds n builds live but here never reeally hits that high!!

    Positives - G in good voice n lotsa funk wah wah.

    George Nastos is a funk god:bow: :bow: :bow: !!!

    Glenn - get hom n Chad in the studio n turn on some funk will ay!! N Chad - hits the drums as hard as jason bonham of UFO - n thats hard!!!

    Sorry its harsh but its the what did I do with all those bootleg shows of Glenn Hughes ???;)

  • I have just had a post card from some of the bootlegs, who are getting a sun tan in the desert - glad they are in a good home!!!! :lol: :D :)

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