Wizards Convention

  • Hi all
    Just got my copy of the above last week,knowing of Glenn's involvement,as well as Dave C & other Purps.
    Err,should have taken a warning from Glenn's name being 'Glen' on the inlay tray for the rest of the content but I must say how much I like "Until Tomorrow" (Glenn does Stevie Wonder) & "Money to Burn" (David Coverdale & great funky riffs).Glenn also sings co-vocal on "Light of my Life".
    I cannot see for the life of me why these good/great tracks were 'saddled' with the rest,which at best are late night schmalz (hope I've used this in the right context!!) & at worst,pap.
    They just don't have any relationship with the rest of the CD's contents & aside from Eddie Hardin's involvement don't have any place there.It hints of a couple of 'just throw them on here' tracks as there's nowhere else to put them !
    "Until..." & "Money...." are both on the 'interesting' Deep Purple complilation "Deep Purple and Beyond - Greatest Hits" which I picked up from Sam Goody's in the US a few days earlier for $5 ! You can imagine my suprise when I saw these tracks were extracted from "Wizards.."
    Please,someone tell me I've missed the point & there is some relationship.


    Ben !!

  • Ben,
    Wizards Convention was basically an Album by Eddie Hardin, where he brought friends from the Butterfly Ball project in to do songs. It's also not a concept like the B.B. - that's why the material varies.
    Glenn's performance is classic, simply stunning.
    "She's a Woman", sung par excellence by Jimmy Helms (who resurfaced in the group Londonbeat, circa 10 years later) should be mentioned positively too though!



  • I like Glenn's song, but David's Money To Burn is simply amazing. One of his best tracks ever, in my opinion.

  • I believe Roger Glover didn't approve of Butterfly Ball & Wizzards Convention being lumped together on cd.As a collector I snapped this up on 'Connosour Collection' back in the 90's.
    A dvd of 'Butterfly Ball' concert would be most welcome.

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