Classic Rock - Voodoo Hill review

  • Here's Classic Rock's (August Edition) review of Wild Seed of Mother Earth:

    The professional virtues of Glenn Hughes have been debated often enough. What’s clear is that nothing is going to change now. Like a lesser version of Prince, he is cursed with a lack of quality control. Hughes shows up on hundreds of albums like this one, wailing dutifully over someone or other's dreary hard-rock songs.

    In the case of Voodoo Hill, that someone is Dario Mollo, associate of many an old lag like Tony Martin, Don Airey, and Tony Franklyn. Mollo's songs are replete with all the usual flourishes and cliches, their apparent point of difference being that they’re slightly heavier than the kind that Glenn Hughes usually sings on(no heavier, though, than those on the Black Sabbath album he made).

    It's a slim reason, then, for a second Voodoo Hill record. The tunes all sound like classroom exercises at the Guitar Institute of Technology, and Hughes's voice, while being by far the most attractive part of the package, never threatens to rescue them from anonymity.
    2 stars.

    "It's in my blood"

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