Voodoo Hill - Wild Seed Of Mother Earth

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    Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release date of the second VOODOO HILL album "Wild Seed of Mother Earth" which has been set for June 23rd 2004. The album will also be released in Japan through Nippon Crown and Brazil via Hellion Records.
    VOODOO HILL is the studio project featuring Italian guitar hero Dario Mollo with the "Voice of Rock", Glenn Hughes on all lead vocals.

    The album will include the following eleven songs all written by Dario Mollo (music) and Glenn Hughes (lyrics): Make Believe; Dying To Live; Still Evergreen; Atmosphere; Wild Seed of Mother Earth; My Eyes Don't See It; Can't Stop Falling; Nothing Stays The Same; Soul Protector; She Cast No Shadow; 16 Guns.

  • VOODOO HILL - Wild Seed Of Mother Earth
    Frontiers Records - FR CD 191 - Released: June 23rd, 2004


    What a mixed bag!!

    The new album from the Voodoo Hill project is a complete 360 from their debut of 2000. What it does have going for it, is that it will really open up the audience it reaches and which I suspect was the 'plan', judging by the various styles employed throughout the album. I can easily imagine the younger crowd really digging this, as it does have that modern day thrash metal touch, that might easily break through.

    The songs range from the cliched and over used 80's guitar riffs/solos, to the modern day thrash bass and drum parts that would be worthy of any Slayer or Metallica record! If it weren't for GLENN, this is probably not an album I would ordinarily bother with and this is the reason I give it a generic '3 out of 5 stars'!

    Having said that, there are some standout songs, especially the title track, Wild Seed Of Mother Earth, along with the opener, Make Believe plus My Eyes Don't See It, Nothing Stays The Same, She Cast No Shadow and the closing number, 16 Guns. Worth a mention also is Soul Protector, for it's wonderfully hilarious lyrics icon28.gif

    So if the listener is into Accept, Helloween, even Megadeth and the more recent new wave of thrash metal, they're going to love this record. There's also a nod and wink to Black Sabbath, Ozzy's Zak Wylde and many 80's guitar wizards icon_eek.gif This is not to say the musicianship isn't of the highest calibre, Dario Mollo is certainly good at what he does, and the drumming and bass playing is impressive. GLENN is as always, the master in charge and it's really mindblowing to hear him on some of these songs.

    It will take a few listens for GLENN fans to get into this record, but overall I don't think it's one that I'll be pulling out too often. Perhaps it's because I had high hopes for the follow-up to the first Voodoo Hill, but it just seems the focus was lost on this one, it goes from the thrash and almost goth flavour of Dying To Live to the classic and anthem like title track, Wild Seed Of Mother Earth. By the way, and way off topic, but I could see this one song being used as a James Bond theme! It has that kind of, almost surreal feel to it, that has been used on some of the more recent Bond themes!!

    I think if any of this were played live with the same musicians present, it would come across much stronger, as most of these were definitely written with a live performance in mind.

    So in closing, a good album, worth picking up out of curiosity, but it's no classic.

    Once you have it in your CD player, I'd be really interested in hearing what YOU think of it - am I way off base or what :P  :confused:

  • Darn so those two preview clips are not really an indication of the horrors awaiting us? I would have liked a whole album like that. So then it really is what you described earlier.


  • And not that the album cover art is more important than the music.......
    but who came up with that "horror" art-work??????

    A human torso ripped to (tree trunk) shreds?
    Which then turns into a snake? Yecchhh!

    David Coverdale, on a bad day,
    wouldn't come up with something this bad. Gross.

    PS....the teen-agers will probably love it.


  • That said, Grace...I love the artwork!

    Of course, I still love bands like Accept, Helloween and many of the German bands of that ilk. Not that I listen to them 24/7, but there's certainly a time, place and frame of mind for stuff like that.

    I'm anxious to hear this album!



    Originally posted by Grace:
    And not that the album cover art is more important than the music.......
    but who came up with that "horror" art-work??????

    A human torso ripped to (tree trunk) shreds?
    Which then turns into a snake? Yecchhh!

    David Coverdale, on a bad day,
    wouldn't come up with something this bad. Gross.

    PS....the teen-agers will probably love it.

    It's not anything I really like, but I can't wait to show it to a friend of mine, erotic horror artist Nick Hernandez, it looks like like one of his paintings!!! (Which are so twisted I actually laugh at them they are so over the top)


  • ....and I thought that "I" was the designated ax-murderer of this website.

    Looks like Todd and John H are "lurkers" in more ways than one, huh? icon28.gif icon28.gif


  • Torso ripped? I see it as what a wild seed would grow from mother earth.... Don't know how the snake fits in there though.


  • Morjens,
    hmmm new Voodoo Hill album IS heavy, sure I agree, but Slayer? Accept? etc...NOooooo - the classic rock riff is STILL there and what is more important - great melodies! Perhaps Glenn doesn't sing that much with his Stevie Wonder-voice, but he is using his Seventh Star -voice, which I love! Well, he is also showing a new side of him - which I like too...that man doesn't stop amazing me...

    Sure I was a bit shocked when I first heard this album - thanks Roberto - but it has grown a lot since!

    I wrote a (Finnish) review to Finnish Music Magazine Tuhma - it will be on our website soon (http://www.tuhma.fi)....I gave this album 4/5...couldn't give 5 'cos I gave 5 to Marillion's Marbles (2CD)... :)



  • Haven't heard Voodoo Hill 2 yet, but the review has made me even more curious!

    "Marbles" -
    that Album (2-CD 8) ) deserves 10 stars :claphands




  • Sorry David but I have to agree with Tero. I've listened to the cd now a few times and while it is heavy it is no Slayer or Metallica. If I was going to nail the sound to one band it would be Judas Priest-especially on Dying to Live. It has a "Breaking the Law" vibe to it.

    I will admit it has a sound we are not used to from Glenn. The guitar work is definitely classic 80's metal. Though there is more to it than just 80's metal.

    Overall, I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I kind of like it and at the same time feel like I shouldn't(?) Glenn's voice is definitely in the Seventh Star mode here which I love so it's good to hear that again.

    Not a sound I would like to hear all the time but a nice change of pace.


  • Ball crunching riffs with Glenn singing is right up my street! I understand some people may not like it, but is that not what Glenn Hughes is about, something for everyone!
    As a side note, i found the a short video clip on Dario Mollos site from the first Voodoo Hill Album, not sure if it has been on here before: Golden One Enjoy!

    PS the clip is in the section dated June 30, 2003.

  • :thumbup:
    I'd like to leave my review about this album:
    I mostly agree with David (Mod.), this is not a classic but it's a powerfull album and it's worth buying.

    Last time I met Glenn (during December 2003) he mentioned to me that forthcoming album with Mr. Mollo was a very strong album and that he was very happy with the results, he was right.

    Although I personally prefer a different style of rock I do find this album very interesting, for GH fans it's a great chance to listen to Glenn singing very hard+loud without loosing his natural feeling, and of course Mollo plays incredibly well like he always does (The Cage .. Voodoo Hill S/T .. etc )
    My favorite songs are Dying To Live (incredible singing by Glenn!), Wild Seed Of Mother Earth & Nothing's Stays The Same ... btw the guitar solo at the end of this song reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore and that's fantastic !

    I would like to thank Messrs. Frontiers Records & Roberto Cosentino for the album which I like very much, we are passing it on FM 97.3 La Red Rosario (thanks Pablo Vitantonio! ) each time we can.

    best regards to all Glenn fans,

  • I love the album for what it is,,a Voodoo Hill album with Glenn singing...i defintely like Glenns latest couple of albums better,,but they are masterpieces,,while "wild seed of mother earth" is no masterpiece,it is great to crank in the truck on my way to work,,,sometimes i need a little audio pickup...and this delivers.
    but unlike a lot of others in the forum,i still love HEAVY stuff...and this is a heavy album,with excellent musicianship,and Glenn putting his very unique signature on the vocals,which in turn makes it stand out from any other heavy bands past or present !!this album reassures me that the "Voice" is not going to be singing vegas songs into his retirement anytime soon,,,THANK GOD !!
    peace,love,and understanding Larry

  • Wow, just got Voodoo Hill's "Wild Seed of Mother Earth" in the mail today (yeah, I'm a little behind the times) and I have to say that I'm REALLY digging it! It's probably about the heaviest thing Glenn's ever recorded, to be sure. Chalk that up to Dario Mollo's modern guitar riffery, which combines elements of classic Euro bands like Purple with modern Euro metal's tendency for quick riffs over double-time drumming. Lots of great melodies here, and Mollo's got a lot juicier playing here than on the first Voodoo Hill.

    Once again, Glenn must be heard to be believed. His voice is ageless, and it's amazing to hear Glenn try so many new things. DYING TO LIVE - whoa! NOTHING STAYS THE SAME - fantastic! The only song that doesn't do much for me is SOUL PROTECTOR, in which Glenn uses the same annoying tone as he did on the Queen cover Killer Queen a while back. But hey, the rest is all good in my book.


  • Hi there,
    Todd, I'm a little behind here too - finally got my copy yesterday
    It's really heavy.
    Mollo seems to have been looking for guitar perfection here, you can clearly hear this is a guitarist's album - but there's Glenn, and his singing is really amazing. I remember Glenn mentioning that the vocals on the first VH were all first takes (!!!!!) - and on this one?
    While I think that some of the riffs on the album are a little cliché-y, there's also lots of modern heavy stuff, like the main part of "Dying To Live" - top class heavy rock!
    Plus you can clearly hear that Glenn's playing the bass guitar on 16 Guns.
    I have listened to the whole CD 2 times already - more spins will definitely follow.

    P.S. Todd, what about the scream 20 secs before the end of "Soul protector" - wow!



  • My favorite of the 11......

    In case anybody has forgotten WHY
    they are a Glenn Hughes Crazy Person,
    go directly to the title track (# 5).

    To describe Glenn's singing, I like to use complicated musical terminology:
    You start off with a whisper, and end up with Houston, we have lift-off.

    And the same bass player that gave us the haunting opening of "YKOM"
    adds a beautiful thread throughout track # 5, too.

    Not too shabby, Hughes!!!!!!!!


  • Hi--

    Would just like to know where "everyone" has got their copy. We ordered from Friggin' Amazon.com and still no word yet. Buccaneer records where we used to order from is now kaput. If anyone can give some input, it woud be greatly appreciated. Love to you all
    Kenny & Carolyn

  • Kenny & Carolyn,

    I got mine from NEH Records...(sorry Grace, too anxious to wait for Phil) ...7915 Oxford Road, Niwot, Colorado 80503. Phone: 303-652-0199 Web: nehrecords.com


    Zig Zag Records...(better now Grace)...2367 Hwy. 36, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
    Phone: 732-708-1666

    I highly recommend either, I've used both.



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