The Bobaloos

  • Hi all
    Anyone own and wish to give an opinion on this album?
    I seem to remember reading somewhere that Glenn said he,and/or the other band members,were a little worse for wear when the album was recorded !!
    Would be grateful for your thoughts
    Cheers !

  • Hi David
    Thanks for the prompt reply
    Ouch!!!I'm sure in certain circs an "Appalachian shotgun shack" might be fun but I guess not when linked to a GH album!!
    Not worth a $10 punt on EBay then??

  • Hello Ben,
    E-mail me mate and I can help with the Bobaloos
    disc. But be warned! It's not a classic. I cannot in good standing, charge you for it. As a fan I know you want all that the man has done.


  • Here is a press bio - don't believe a word of it! As others have said, you're wasting your time and money - if you must have it, there are places I'm sure you can find it for free ;)

    "Hurricane was formed in Atlanta, GA. in 1979. Changed the name of the band , in '87, to The Bobaloos due to copyright problems. Played clubs in the Southeast for five years building fan support. They headlined in 1,000 seat halls and have opened for .38 Special, Greg Allman, Scorpions, Johnny Winters, Molly Hatchett, Robin Trower, and others. Playing on the album are Frank and Marty Fabiszewski (stage names Frankie Day and Marty Fab). Frankie plays lead and rythum guitar and is writer and producer for the group. Marty plays rythum and lead, played with Wolf, a group consisting of ex-members of Cactus aand Albatross. Boonie Albright,(stage name Boonie Maroonie) plays Bass. Chris Lewis, drummer, has albums with the groups Magic Cat and Purple Mushroom. Since 1990 we have had guests such as Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple and Trapeze), Greg Allman (The Allman Brothers.), Billy Powell and Leon Wlikeson (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Robin Floyd, Howard Lease (Heart). Rodney Mills and Brendon O'Brian mixed the songs 'Bad Reputation' and 'I Don't Mind My Baby'.

    Band Members: Frankie Day, lead and rhythm guitar, writer and producer; Marty Fab, rythum and lead guitar; Boonie Maroonie, bass; Chris Lewis, drummer; Robin Floyd, vocalist and back-up; Christi Vaughn, vocalist and back-up; Tony Vaughn, bass; Howard Lease, piano and strings; Michael Basteadoe, sax.

    This album is high-energy rock'n roll at its best. Vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Trapeze) sings lead on most of the songs and performs an exhilarating feat. The album is put together by Frank Fabiszewski(aka Frankie Day) who is an original Bobaloo that produced, wrote and played lead and rhythm guitar for the record. Frank brought in his Bobaloo friends Marty Fabiszewski(Cactus/Wolfe), Boonie Maroonie(Hurricane), Chis Lewis(Magic Cat/Purple Mushroom), Bobby Mobley, Michael Bastedo, Bobby Williams, Robin Floyd, Christie Vaughn, Tony Vaughn, TV Strain and Billy Anderson.

    A highlight of the album is the performances of Billy Powell(Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Howard Leese(Heart/Paul Rogers Band). The album was mixed by heavyweights Brendan O'Brien and Rodney Mills. Hear it to believe it."

  • Hi Galleyfan and all
    Thanks for your kind offer re download but I think I can live without this beaut for the time being!! I am trying to 'kick on' and pick up Glenn's stuff sooner rather than later(and Tommy B's for that matter),"Four on the Floor" being my next major target(but not at extortionate prices).Half the fun is diving into the unknown and getting a pleasant suprise and I dont think I should get anything that will dampen my admiration for Glenn's music.
    I have recently been able to get the Craig Erickson "Shine" album,primarily for "Wild Dogs", and thought the rest of the album was great too.Similarly,Brazen Abbot's "Live and Learn" and John Norum's "Face the Truth".
    Despite various good reviews, I am struggling to get into the Phenomena phenomena(sorry!!).I'll keep plugging away!!
    Yeah,David,roll on that DVD!!

  • Well I guess I got no taste in music then!

    OR - you don't have to despise everything you've done because something was done during the darker times...

    The Bobaloos is actually one of my favourite records. It is truly a collection of a no-frills energy-packed rock-n-roll. Maybe it's Southern boogie based - I'm not an expert on American music, sorry, I don't know.

    I absolutely love Glenn's performance. It's so raw, as if was a live recording. The rest of the musicians are also playing with a feeling that they are having a good time.

    It was a studio jam, from what I know - and I do love jams.

    The songs may be a little simplistic, and the lyrics are surely not that cryptic & symbolic kind of verse we're used to get Glenn singing now. They're mostly about love.

    A few moments here and there remind me of Rory Gallagher's music.

    I feel I gotta listen to it once again and write a proper review.

    But even these scrambled thoughts must be giving a very clear impression: I like it!
    Maybe I'm the only one on Earth, but..

  • Well The Bobaloos is far from the worst of Gh's recorded output , "Ride The Range" on the unreleased warners album & Highlander 2 must get that honour

  • No WAY! I love "Ride The Range" and I've heard far worse than that song. Now, Glenn's WORST recording for me is "Killer Queen" from the Stone Cold tribute. Not his fault, I just didn't think it suited him at all.


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Hi all
    Don't know if it will be worth the wait but I've just 'secured' the purchase of the Bobaloos album for ............30 cents(plus $6 shipping) on Ebay.
    Sorry Galleyfan,for that price it couldn't be missed.......even for a coaster!

  • Hi all
    Having just received the Bobaloos CD & played it for the first time I've got to agree with Funky Deuce. Sure,its probably not the band members finest moment but it's largely good, honest(?), rock n roll with boogie thrown in. The lyrics don't need close scrutiny (have you listened to some of the current 'hits' in the british charts - at least the language on the Bobs album is the same! (yeah, I know I sound like a fossil!!))) & they seem to be having fun.
    The production is very good & I am glad I 'risked' 30 cents on this!
    Ben :)

  • ive had trouble gettin this cd , so i downloadedit but olny got 4 track , but thay r the ones with Glenn on and its fantastic, any idea of any sites i can get the full album from?
    cheers Dave

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