Aina - Days of Rising Doom

  • Got it today. I had to listen to the complete album to find out which tracks GH sings. The track is number 8 called Tallons Last Hope. It is a mix of a blues and Black Sabbath track, very interested, my first impression is that it is an off track from the Seventh Star.

    I will have to look more deeply in the album and send my review next time, but if someone likes Metal go for it, it is really heavy

    Renato Maestrali Moraes
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  • Glenn is actually featured on 4 songs - Flight Of Torek, The Seige Of Aina, Talon's Last Hope and Rebellion. He features as the lead vocalist on Talon's Last Hope and Rebellion :cool:

    I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but as Renato mentioned there's a touch of a Seventh Star feel, a bit of Nostradamus, Floyd, Voodoo Hill and lots of power metal! Glenn's parts, are of course, a perfect fit and I especially like his voice on Flight Of Torek.

    It clocks in at 68 minutes - the second CD contains a couple of the orignal demos, single and alternate versions of certain songs and instrumentals, that runs another 61 minutes. No DVD with my copy, but it comes with the Euro edition.

    A somewhat odd comment in the accompanying booklet by one of the producers about Glenn is included...but he saves himself at the last minute ;) "...Glenn Hughes, however, came up with a very divergent interpretation. I was quite shocked by it at first. If I had recorded it myself, I definitely would have intervened. But after having distanced myself a little from it, I couldn't help but conclude: killer track! It only goes to show that every disadvantage carries an inborn advantage as well!"

    Glenn recorded his parts at Jeff Kollman's, Crumb Studios in Granada Hills, CA.

    Perhaps this gets us prepared for the next Voodoo Hill's supposed to be in a similar "heavy" vein :p

  • This Aina -"opera" is very interesting. Haven't heard it yet, but gotta get it. And as "finn" I hope you (who got this cd) take notice to the performances of Marco Hietala (great singer!)and
    Emppu Vuorinen.

    And by the way, there is a word "aina" in finnish and it means: always , every time, constantly , invariably , continually , ever more / evermore , forever / for ever...Nothing to do with this case, but now you know :)

  • Well I didn't find Aina heavy at all :)

    Maybe it's because I am used to heavier stuff, I dunno.

    But it is a very refreshing piece of modern progressive/power. The melodies are very Euro, with strong classical music influences, and the speed metal beat is there - but there's a distinct prog element in the music.

    I would recommend it not exactly to Glenn fans, as Glenn seems not that inspired on this record (and after all, metal isn't his fave style of music, is it), but to contemporary prog metal fans.
    There's some outstanding songs there, anyway.

    And a breathtaking performance by Candice Night, she's wonderful!
    (Yes, I do find her a very talented singer, especially now. She has progressed since the Shadow of the Moon days enormously, so if your first and last B'sN record was SotM, do yourself a favour, find a way to take a listen to Ghost of a Rose. The music on GoaR is beginning to become as self-derivative as that of latter day Blackmore DP (this is imho of course ;) but Candice sings amazingly fine, check out her performance on Cartouche & especially Rainbow Blues, a Jethro Tull cover)

    And she sings some words together with Glenn ;)

    Gonna rewrite my recent review for Russian DP Pages (if it ends up there, that is) in English and post it on my site. With some more cool stuff ;) Anyone interested will be able to read it then.

  • i know its a bit late but a review has appeared on…es/hughes-turner/aina.htm.

    Quote: for me, Glenn Hughes is the star of the show. Taking on the pivotal role of Talon, he manages to subsume himself into the character, sounding weak and frail, amongst the maelstrom. Which is what makes “Rebellion� such a powerful track as Glenn reaches deep within to find his inner power leading to a spine tingling cry of "Stand up and fight!�. Awesome.

    "It's in my blood"

  • Was just listening to the AINA tracks and, since I had not heard them before, was a little bit taken back by the songs, especially Torek. Absolutely love them !! Always like Glenn's heavier and more rock oriented material, and his voice is a perfect fit for these songs.
    Not sure if they are posted anywhere here, but I have them now if anyone is interested and has not heard them before.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I'd also love to just hear Glenn's tracks :thumbup:
    Never got around to getting that one.
    Always meant to! but somehow let it slip thru the cracks! :(
    Galleyfan :)

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