HTP II/ DP Bananas Reviews...

  • From Melodicrock:

    Hughes Turner Project - 2 (MTM, September 29) - Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner return to the scene of the crime for album number 2. I was a big fan of the very polished hard rock debut, but have taken a while to warm to album number 2. Possibly as the guys have decided to do this record a little differently. It's a little rawer, more diverse and is certainly less commercial as the first album. For that reason, it may just have longer legs. I'm undecided which is best, but in any regard, it's certainly another winner and another fine blues based hard rock record. Full review shortly.

    Deep Purple - Bananas (EMI, August 25) - It might be time for Deep Purple to have a little rest. Their new album is ok, but nothing spectacular. Perpendicular was a fabulous energetic album, but Abandon was a little patchy. The main disappointment with Bananas is the lack of life. It rolls along, but seldom rocks and just feels a little flat and uninspired. Further listening required before a full review shortly.

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