1st SITKOR Review

  • Andrew over at melodicrock.com has completed his and the first of which will be many reviews of Songs In The Key Of Rock.

    It promises to be a BIG one, judging by his comments rated overall at 94% with the songs themselves getting a huge 95% rating! Be sure and headover there to read it yourself

  • Well, having waited ages for SITKOR it arrived on my desk today courtesy of Buccaneer. It is on its 3rd playing on a variety of beat boxes and..................well first listen was , well, mmm,........ second listen was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and then this listen mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmagnificent !!!! G is on fine form n the songs do grow with each playing. Melodic yet rocky the odd touch of da funk, only one small gripe tho - the riff to Lost In The Zone is a very close cousin to rainbow's 16th century greensleeves from the dio era !!!!

    Enjoy people n lets hope there is a proper tour to support it !!!

    PS LOve the reprise of Higher Places at the end !!!

  • OK..I am going to try this again..wrote a rather lengthy review a few days ago...just as I try to post it,my computer sucks a valve and all my work goes right down the cyberdrain! Here we go..take 2!

    I had listened to the sound clips and read the Track by track comments that Glenn made,so I was fairly well primed for Songs In The Key In Rock by the time it arrived last Saturday..a round of thunderous applause for Bucaneer Records for their fabulous service!!

    The steaming opener In My Blood sends the listener off on a sonic journey that recalls past 70's glories without ever becoming overly derivative. His voice riding front and center,Glenn delivers some of his most nuanced and powerful vocals yet. I wanted to give the CD a few listens before posting a review;there are many nuances and colors waiting for your ear to discover. The fast dancers and workout monsters get the barn burning Gasoline , Standing On The Rock and Change to get the pulse pumping,the jazz/soul flavors of Courageous and Written All Over Your Face and what would a GH CD be without a healthy dose of spicy funk in the form of Get You Stoned the strutting riff of Lost In The Zone and the sleek RnB of The Truth. I had the pleasure of hearing Higher Places live in Orlando and hearing it here only magnifies its power. Glenn had stated that he wanted to end the CD on an upbeat note,with the propulsive Wherever You Go doing just that....but just as you take a breath,the sweet reprise of Higher Places sends you off like a farewell from an old friend...

    The final verdict?? Pay attention ladies and gentlemen..With drummers Gary Ferguson and Chad Smith running shoulder to shoulder to Glenn's driving bass,setting up monster grooves that you could build a skyscraper on,the colors and shadings of Ed Roth on keyboards and the guitar work of Jeff Kollman and JJ Marsh that always puts heart and groove ahead of chops,there is much to savor!! Turn it up!!

    Yours in The Funk
    Bill Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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