• Miracles do happen!! This taken from the December issue of UK magazine, Classic Rock. But I thought 5-star albums got a full page and a color photo, not tucked away between the folds? Well, I'll take this over any dubious 3-star review, as has been their past practice when it involves Glenn and his work!! Although they still manage to include their usual amount of sarcasim :mad:

  • Well, Mick Middleman certainly got some good points in his review. The biggest pillars of the album is the confidence Joe and Glenn have, and the joy of playing. (Imagine the HTP Europe guys on this album, then it might have gotten 6 stars in Classic Rock)

  • Not sure why everyone keep heralding the Euro musicians over the Japanese guys. (To my ears)sometimes the non-Brit Euros and the Jap. musicians alike don't do too well in the area of playing the blues and having the taste of knowing when not to play (aka Yngwie).

    HTP Live proves this theory wrong with the Japanese fellas and I have a hard time fathoming that the Euro HTP band was that much better than the Japanese fellas. I don't mean that as derragatory towards the Euros, just that the Japanese band sounds fantastic to me. I will say I haven't heard the Euro guys though (other than JJ on the record who sounded fabulous). Plus, the Jap. band had played with both GH and JLT on the Holy Man Tour (perhaps making the band tighter).

    On a different note, it's kinda sad that Classic Rag magazine has to give backhanded compliments to a 5 star record review. It is such amateur writing to say something like, "this record simmers with unlikely vibrancy" That's like saying I don't want to like this record, but to be honest it really is great. A professional writer should not display his/her personal bias. It completely discredits their work.

    My 2 cents,


    Frank B.

    Frank B.

  • On the HTP tour I’ve seen Glenn and Joe in Belgium. Especially J.J. Marsh was amazing during that tour. He was on top of his game that period: playing Blackmore and even Iommi songs sounded amazing. In my opinion JJ was the best guitarplayer Glenn worked with in his solo years. Personally I would like to see (and hear) Glenn going back to solo with his own band ( JJ Marsh on guitar and Ash Sheehan on drums would be great).

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  • I bought the Japanese edition for ‘No Stranger To Love’. These versions of ‘Mistreated’ & ‘Stormbringer’ are still the best G.H interpretations to date. The band don’t overplay either.

  • I purchased the Shrapnel Records version as it has No Stranger To Love as well. That entire record is amazing. I didn't buy the two HTP records and the live one for years because I'm not a bit JLT fan. But Glenn's performance on these makes it worth it.

  • HTP was a great band. Good combination of voices: Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner.

    Especially HTP 2 was a great album with some very good songs.

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