Highway Roller (Ryo Okumoto)

  • I've been listening to this song for a while now and I dont care about the other 7 tracks on the cd.....this one track is worth the purchase. It is amazing how with Glenn on a cd and singing vocals it takes an artist I/we would not even blink an eye at and make him part of my/our collections. I hope the rest of the cd is worthy of Glenn's participation. Here's hoping!!!


  • What a great song it is, Glenn is THE voice of Rock, no doubt about it.
    I have the song but since you were so nice to me you aint getting it from me.

  • Hi,
    got the CD today! Glenn's Vocal on Highway Roller is simply amazing! No need to say more!
    or... wait : one more thing I didn't know: The CD comes in a slipcase (Limited Edition?) with a Bonus Multimedia CD (Making Of) - I'll check that tonight to see if there are any Glenn bits. I'll let you know!
    ...and one more thing for Progressive Fans: This is a must-have Album!
    Best, Chris

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"

  • Hi,
    Just watched the Making of Video on Okumoto's new Album (Bonus disc -see my posting above), and Glenn is in it!!!
    He's in the opening sequence (for a second or two) and then featured prominently in the Highway Roller section (ca. 2 mins.)
    You get to see the musicians (Okumoto's son on drums, Steve Lukather on guitar, Spock's Beard's bass player and Glenn) record their parts in the studio. Picture and sound are not synchronized correctly, but that doesn't really matter.
    The whole thing is QuickTime and 262MBs large, I'll see if I can extract the Highway Roller bit, just in case the Edition I have got is limited.
    Keep you informed!

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"

  • Chris, thanks for checking that out for us. Let us know if you're able to extract the good bits

    When you hear a track like 'Highway Roller'....it just puts a big smile on your face...as top cat said earlier..."this is MY kind of Glenn" :)

    Oh and by the way...for everyone...it's only the German Import version that has this Bonus CD...the domestic American release is only the single audio disc.

  • I'm working on it, thanks to my younger brother who is a Multimedia Producer...
    Watch out for the clip in the Media Centre -should be online in about 24 hours (see, I still have to go to work, and then there's a Manic Street Preachers gig tomorrow/today in Vienna!)

    OK, we need another 24 hours - compression didn't work out, the clip is still 27MBs - too much!
    Stay tuned. CL

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"

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