• Tero
    Where did you get this information about this new GH participation ?

    "Songs of Pink Floyd" with GH singing "Young Lust


    Originally posted by Tero:
    anyone got that "Songs from the West Side"-album? Anyone bought that "Songs of Pink Floyd" album with Glenn singing "Young Lust"? Comments on those albums?


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  • A new PINK FLOYD Tribute has surfaced called The Songs Of Pink Floyd. Due out this month, it features the following all-star cast: 'Money' - Vocals - Tommy Shaw, Guitars - Ritchie Kotzen, Bass - Tony Levin, Drums - Mike Baird, Sax - Edgar Winter; 'Run Like Hell' - Jason Scheif - Guitars, Bass - Tony Franklin, Drums - Aynsley Dunbar; 'Young Lust' - Vocals - Glenn Hughes , Guitar - Eliot Easton, Bass - Tony Franklin, Drums - Aynsley Dunbar; 'Welcome To The Machine' - Vocals - Doug Pinnick, Guitar - Gary Hoey, Bass - Mike Porcaro, Drums - Greg Bissonette, Keys - Derek Sherinian; 'Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II' - Vocals - Fee Waybill, Guitar - Ronnie Montrose, Bass -Mike Porcaro, Drums - Greg Bissonette; 'Any Colour You Like' Guitar - Robben Ford, Bass - Tony Franklin, Drums - Aynsley Dunbar, Keys - Scott Walton, Keys -Steve Porcaro; 'Have A Cigar' - Vocals - Bobby Kimball, Guitar (Bob Kullick & Bruce Kullick, Bass - Mike Porcaro, Drums - Greg Bissonette; 'Comfortably Numb'- Guitar & Vocals - Billy Sherwood, Bass & Vocals - Chris Squire, Drums - Alan White; 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' - Guitar & Vocals - Steve Lukather, Bass - Marco Mendoza, Drums - Vinnie Caliuta; 'Breathe (In The Air)' - Vocals - Robin McAuley, Guitar - Jeff Baxter, Bass - Phil Soussan, Drums - Eric Singer; 'Us And Them' - Vocals - Jeff Scott Soto, Bass - Jimmy Haslip, Sax - Scotty Page, Drums - Pat Torpey

  • Dont we usually know about these cds months in advance? How come no info on the official Glenn Hughes page? Was it there and I missed it?


  • Morjens,
    yes I have to say that their service is really fast and efficient. I ordered yesterday morning -Finnish time - and during afternoon I got confirmation message which said that my package is in mail. So it seems that I can ask a couple of questions about that album too on Wednesday....:)

    yes, I will send review here as soon as I get that CD.



  • If it weren't for the various Glenn Hughes web sites, you wouldnt' know Glenn is on this cd. There is no mention of him anywhere in the liner notes, not even in the list of "thank you's". Only in intials on the back cover is Glenn referred to.
    Am I the crazy one, or does that bother anyone else.
    I have not had time to play the cd yet. Buccaneer mailed my copy Wednesday, it arrived today.
    Guess I better go chill out, take care everyone.


  • Got my copy of the Alchemist cd and other than the fact that Glenn is not credited at all, I like it!!

    Glenn sings on 5 songs, I assume Carl Kennedy sings on 2(he is the "Alchemist") and 1 intrumental. Anyone who likes the Hughes/Downes demos will love this. I can picture what those demos would sound like now with a little production behind them. Glenns voice is fantastic. It is nice to hear Glenn singing outside the hard rock vein. This is a MUST own!!


  • Glenn's performance is masterful on this collection of songs - if there were any doubts of his versatility, depth and breadth they're certainly now dispelled.

    He controls every passage of the lyric on each of his tracks, allowing the listener to fall into a soulful and passionate dreamland as the songs flow and ebb around their head.

    The musicianship is certainly of high quality, but as has been mentioned earlier, the disc is marred by the claring omission of Glenn's name anywhere on it. Hopefully whoever is responsible for that deliberate action will answer for it someday. During the many false release dates, the distributor said they would add as a "bonus", two tracks to the CD, as it happens these additions were non-Glenn tracks ("Hypnotized", "Fool's At The Wheel"). The point being, the original release would have had 6 tracks on it, 5 of which included Glenn. Would they still have not mentioned his name? Probably! They even have the audacity to put a sticker on the package declaring Featuring members of: Deep Purple, amongst others. If you get the chance to trade for this disc I suggest you do, at least that way, no money is exchanged.

    Anyway, it must be said, it's great to finally hear these songs, and once again proves Glenn can sing in any style he wants and conquer the genre each and everytime.

    Hopefully we'll get to hear the next batch of Glenn's gems on Pink Cloud and not on some no name label.

  • I've ordered my copy of Alchemist simply for Glenn being on it. As for no name on the sleeve, I don't think it's too bad. After all, many times in interviews Glenn has said he may relase non rock stuff under an alias so as not to confuse the more blinkered fans of his out there. One of my favourite Glenn works, "Four On the Floor" again omitted his name (I believe at his request) because he ws unhappy about how the album was released and the record company again slapped a "Featuring a Deep Purple member" sticker on it to generate interest in an otherwise obscure release.
    At the end of the day (again I'm speaking without hearing it) the fans of Glenn's music know he'a on there, will buy it and enjoy it, and the ones who simply want another ROCK won't give it the time of day. Lets face it, would we want them to?


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