HTP Live in my hands!

  • Just in time for the weekend - HTP Live In Tokyo arrived with us this morning - jeez, bloody amazing - a classic live album, not too far behind Burning Japan Live - it's great to hear the variety of songs from both Glenn and JLT.

    David was thrilled to hear Mistreated, but still hopes they'll be less Purple for the tour and more from the studio album - either way, we're both getting our fill of Big Daddy over the next couple of days

    The Japanese musicians are quite impressive and Akira Kajiyama really stands out - we look forward to hearing JJ's interpretation - which will make it that more interesting!

    It's difficult to pick standout tracks - we're so bias towards GH, but do have to say it was great to hear Can't Stop The Flood, Ride The Storm and Dark Days in a live setting.

    So, let's hear what you think...

  • I too got my copy this morning and it ROCKS! I was thrilled to hear Can't stop The Flood live, and I thought it sounded miles better than the album version.
    I think JLT and Glenn work superbly together, and nicely compliment each other when the other is singing lead, best illustrated on Stormbringer, I Surrender and King Of Dreams. It was nice to hear that done live properly, not like the awful Purple version on the Slaves and Masters tour.
    I always thought Dark Days would work well live, and it does. In my opinion the amount of Purple material on the disk is just right. My only criticism would be maybe altering the track listing so that an HTP song finished the disk rather than three Joe tracks. Aside from that, brilliant.


  • Morjens,
    I've been listening it two days now and -why I have to be the first one to complain...? - well I'm not actually complaining...
    It is very good live album, it rocks and so on...BUT - I think those versions of songs are not the best ones performed on that short Japanese tour. Of course if I didn't have those bootlegs from other dates, I'd be totally happy with this official release but now...
    well, I better shut my mouth and continue listening...Asia's Live in Moscow 1990(excellent Pat Thrall live!!!)

    hmmm. one more thing about HTP live - I think somehow Stormbringer and Mistreted are "out of place" with those newer Rainbow, Deep Purple and HTP songs. Am I the only one who thinks so????


  • Tero - I hear what you're saying...but remember the Japanese love their Purple and if it wasn't for that market HTP wouldn't have come about I don't as much as I would also like to hear something else, I'm happy with what we got on the CD.

    I'm hoping the Euro shows will have a more HTP heavy set with less Purple/Rainbow...but as it's Glenn I'm there for - whatever the set, it will be awesome, so I won't complain too much

  • tero
    in reply to your remark on asia live in moscow 1990 i too loved this show until i got my hands on the video copy and found that pat thralls guitar was ALL overdubed on the CD.

  • I'm seeing all the reviews come in and cant wait to get my copy of HTP live. I'm not getting mine until next tues or Wed according to Fed Express. Guess I can hold on for a few more days. Keep the reviews pooring in!!


  • Hmm...I like this CD, but it's not nearly the best Hughes I've heard. Burning Japan Live is better...What I like are the songs they've chosen. It's nice to hear them do Death Alley Driver or Street Of Dreams kind of stuff. Joe did them better than I expected.

    I believe that these guys are gonna rock us on European Tour anyway! Can't wait!


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