Alchemist Reviews?

  • Who's got it?

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • as soon as it comes in I will drop a review. First ship got delayed a few weeks so I'm not sure if anyone has it yet :confused: Shirean? David?


  • man.....hope it's worth the wait. Hopefully I'll get mine by the end of the week. I'm starting to get itchy. I need my Glenn fix!!


  • Got this message this morning from the distributor...

    "2 bonus tracks were added to The Alchemist CD, but when they arrived from the pressing plant, the two tracks were missing. Evidently the producer sent the pressing plant the wrong master and now must repress the whole lot.

    We are sorry for this inconvenience, however this is a third party deal with LedSled Records and M&K Sound is acting solely as the distributor and promoter of The Alchemist project.

    We have been assured of a quick turn around with the re-press. I hesitate to give an actual date due to the delay but it should be the middle part of the month(ish).

    The bonus tracks added are:

    (A cover of the Bob Welch hit)


    "Fools at the Wheel"

  • David

    do we know if Glenn sings on those songs or are they instrumental? Another singer? Should be worth the wait(Hoping!!)


  • Hi all. Recently signed up to the fan forum, I thought it about time I did this as I ran The Voice (The GH Official Fan Club) with my wife Karen for 5 years.

    During that time Glenn gave me a tape with these tracks on which he referred to as a project he'd been involved with called The Alchemist. I played them for a number of people we'd become close to and I can tell you that they are sensational. Don't expect rock, don't expect funk, just expect late night AOR of the highest quality. The title(?) track, which I knew as The Westside of Town is, for me, one of Glenn's greatest vocal deliveries.....EVER!!

    I recognised all the tracks listed, bar one, and on all the ones I've heard Glenn does all the vocals. I've gotta be honest, I'd been suggesting to him to release these somewhere ever since I first heard them. I was hoping they would surface through Pink Cloud, but anywhere will do so long as all the great fans we met over the years get a chance to hear them .... which you will now.

    Prepare for a real treat !!


  • Thanks Pete!!

    From the sound of the clip you're right on the money. I cant wait to get this CD!! Hopefully there will be no more delays!!


  • I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

    The reason I say this is the fact that I was disappointed with the production on the Brazen Abbott title track Live and Learn. I think in one of The Voice mags we issued I said, as with The Alchemist, that Glenn had given us demos of this on tape. Well, demos or not, the track Live and Learn in demo form was such an atmospheric track yet so simple. Basic single tracked guitar with Glenn over the top in an almost haunting type of way. It really did make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Then the album came out, all multi-layered guitars, full on production. Talk about disappointed! It really change the whole complex of the song for me and to this day I still think the demo is a million times better.

    From the MP3s I've heard of the Alchemist I don't think that Westside has changed that much, it's simple, yet brilliant. I've got it on order in the UK and I'm told it's out on Monday July 15 on Cargo Records.

    We shall see.

    See ya!

  • Any chance of hearing that Live and Learn demo? Wouild be cool for the members of GHPG to hear. Please!!!


  • Sorry, I can't do that!

    I'd only mentioned the demo as a comparison to The Alchemist demo vs official release. In the past whenever Glenn gave us demos etc he always used to make us promise that we would not copy them on for fear of them being bootlegged. He had done this with other people in the past, I'm not sure but I think in Sweden, and had been let down. So he was very wary of this.

    We still have occasional contact with Glenn and see him when he is in the UK sometimes. I would never break my promise to him or do anything to jeopardise my friendship with him. We're very lucky that he actually classes us as friends so I hope you all understand that I couldn't risk losing that.

    Put it this way, if you had been in my shoes would you risk it?


  • I can totally respect that. Hey, if I didn't ask how would I know. Hopefully stuff like that will see the light of day on his Pink Clouds label on future archive releases.


  • Cheers, Maz! Thanks for understanding. Next time I see Glenn, although I've no idea when that will be, I'll suggest that maybe some of the original demos of things he's been involved with should come out through Pink Cloud. Then everyone gets a chance to hear these things.

    Stay cool !


  • The natives are getting restless!!!!!!!! Good thing we didnt hold our breath.....we's be like the M&M character in the Valentine's candy box that never got opened!!!!


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