• Got the Ellis 3 cd over the Holiday week and it is alot better than I expected. Sometimes you hear Glenn is doing some vocal work on a cd and you buy it to find that the only song worth its weight in gold is the one Glenn is on. Wet Paint comes to mind

    That is not the case here. My first impressions are of a female vocalist in the style of Sass Jordan. The cd has 13 tracks and clocks in at slightly over 70 minutes. You are not cheated on length!

    The style of the cd is a bluesy funk similar to what we expect from Glenn. Have you seen her would be a great Glenn Hughes song. I can imagine him singing it. The cd is loaded with up tempo rock with a sprinkling of slow songs. A nice cover of Stevie Wonder's Superstition here. Some may not like it as it strays from the original a little.

    Now the Glenn song is what I was and most of us are interested in. Growing Wise starts out with Glenn singing and you know right away you will like it. Glenn's voice is in prime form as usual. He shows his vocal range and proves he is like a fine wine-better over time!!

    Overall the cd is good. A little bit of everything here. Some hard rock, some funky blues, some instrumentals, some ballads. If you like diversity you will like this. Buy it!!


  • Available for purchase directly from Ellis's web site at http://www.ellismusic.com/

    Based out of San Diego, California, Ellis is made up of Stacey Ellis (lead vocals, bass), Brett Ellis (guitars) and Mike McFarland (drums). With this release, the band delivers their third outing and so the appropriately titled album was eagerly awaited by my CD player!

    It kicks off with Looking For Love an Ellis trademark song. Stacey delivers at full throttle accompanied by Brett's smoking guitar riffs. After the track is over I hear myself saying, "Is this really a power trio?!?!"

    Next up is Slide probably the most melodic track on the CD, it showcases Brett's classical guitar work and Stacey compliments it with some stunning harmonies. (sigh back to reality)

    Have You Seen Her is a bluesy funk track I think you would all agree is screaming for audience participation!

    Mash Taters is a bluesy instrumental which sounds more like a sound check which never seems to take flight.

    Superstition is a fine rendition of Stevie Wonder's classic song - my only gripe is that I've heard it covered too many times and perhaps they should have had Glenn participate on this one too!

    Empty Pockets is MASSIVE, plain and simple, Stacey shows off her full range on this one and delivers the ultimate in a vocal performance. Brett's guitar work is just amazing and highlights both his acoustic and electric talents. The chorus is a classic and if one track is the price of admission, then this it!

    Couldn't Make Her Stay - a beautiful instrumental dedicated to Dave Peverett of Foghat who recently passed away. Lots of jazz influences inside, Brett yet again, shows his versatility. You melt on this one, like being on a beach staring up at the blue sky watching the day go by, but then suddenly a twist and a turn and you're jumping up and down getting into the groove of the day!!

    Growing Wise, a wonderful duet with Glenn Hughes - Stacey and Glenn deliver an unforgettable performance. They have some real chemistry on the softer moments of the song, but are both given the opportunity to show off their vocal talents to the full. Let's hope we hear more of the same from the two of them in the not too distant future.

    Grace, wow yet another musical direction. What a great jazz number proving that Ellis's middle name is, Diverse! Nice keyboard work and vocal gymnastics highlight this wonderful song.

    Use Me starts out slow then proceeds to punch you in gut at its conclusion. A very acoustic and "Heart-like" guitar passage leads you through to a classic hard rock guitar break and accompanying solo - great stuff!

    Happy To Be Cool, a lovely and catchy song with a superb chorus, not surprising since Glenn collaborated on it :) Once again Brett delivers the goods with some awesome 70's-like sounding guitar riffs.

    Throwing Stones, an upbeat get up off your seat rocker! Hendrix/Stevie Ray riffs throughout, you 'gotta love it. This is another must play in their live show, I feel the sweat already :D

    Cold North, the album closer is an ever moving ballad, the guitar work shines throughout. You have it all here with haunting vocals, power riffs and violin highlights. It brings the CD to a wonderful ending, and leaves you begging for more.

    Throughout the album Mike McFarland provides solid drumming and easily accomplishes the required highs and lows with such a diverse set of material, I especially like his work on Happy To Be Cool and Throwing Stones.

    In closing, this is one hell'uva CD and should be considered a must have for your collection. Ellis has demonstrated their diversity with this project, there's something for everyone inside. Metal, classic hard rock, the funk, blues, jazz and the ever important ballads.

    What are you waiting for, get your copy - NOW!

  • Hi,
    got my copy today from Buccaneer ( great service! :) ), and I'm not disappointed - great Album!
    Now I know why Glenn digs them.
    Still I wish, Glenn'd do a Stevie Wonder Album Superstition-style :cool:

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"



  • Anybody know where I can purchase this ? I've looked around and so far drawing a blank

  • Brilliant, thanks. Don't know why i never thought of using Amazon.com instead of my usual .uk....Ordered !!

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