Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus

  • I read the review of Nostradamus below somewhere and I have to say that I disagree (surprise!).

    First of all, Nostradamus is a very ambitious piece of work and basically one man has done all the work (is it good or bad, I don't know) . The string arrangements are great and there are lots of "things" to listen to. What I'm trying to say here is that I respect the whole project as an attemp and experiment. There are songs that don't sound too good but there are also great pieces. I think that one should look at the big picture which is more positive than negative.

    Kotzev hasn't let anyone go easily - but maybe few singers. One of them is Glenn Hughes, I think. His voice sounds great, as always, but it seems that he has sung his pieces at the first take. Maybe I'm just too critical but Glenn sounds far better on his own solo tracks. Joe Lynn Turner does his job well and Jorn Lande sounds great (wicked!).

    I have always liked classic rock and I found many pieces that sounded like 70's "heavy metal" (for example: Caught Up In a Rush, Glenn on vocals).

    There's lots of music in the world nowadays but never too much good "old" heavy rock. Am I right?
    Yes I am.

    BTW, Nikolo Kotzev lives in Finland even though in swedish speaking area :)

  • I agree that there is alot of good to take away from this 2cd release. There are a few songs that fall short of the mark and a few things that bothered me even though I liked it. There are songs with both Jorn Lande and Joe Lynn Turner that to a listener who is unfamiliar with them, could confuse their voices. The range of vocal talent should have been such that you could easily identify who was singing. The use of Sass Jordan was another that I questioned. Singing with Joe Lynn Turner it gave the song to much of the same scratchy vocals. Someone with a smoother voice would have better complemented Joe's voice. No disrespect to Sass who has a fine voice, but it didnt fit. Maybe I'm nitpicking but it could have been better thought out even though it might have taken even longer to see its release. Overall I like it alot and the highlights for me are the Jorn Lande pieces who is really turning the corner and becoming one of my favorites. I would even venture to say I would buy a cd just because he is on it now. Glenn is the only other vocalist I would do that with.

  • Terve Tero,

    Yes I read about it a while after starting this topic. And as a singer I can only admire Glenn's abilities. It's very difficult to sing when you've got a flue.


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