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    Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine

    ...One of my favorite rock singers of all time, Mr. Glenn Hughes, once again comes with a new album. Year after year, like a machine. Haha. Building the Machine has all what we want from the Voice of Rock – great funk-rock music with this unbelievable voice. Please forget his not so convincing last albums The Way It Is and Return Of Crystal Karma. This album rocks with big big funk elements. The first three tracks of the new output are fantastic. Can't Stop the Flood, Inside and Out On Me are a great combination of fat bass, wonderful guitar and a cool organ – back to the 70s! But that's not all: please listen to the outstanding vocals on these tracks: Feels Like Home (great acoustic track), I Will Follow You (lovely song with wonderful guitar and a great chorus) and Big Sky (nice acoustic ballad) – what a lovely soulful/ funky voice this guy still has! Beside these great tracks, the ex-Deep Purple singer surprises us with two cover versions. First, we have Rare Earth's 70s classic track I Just Want To Celebrate in a new funk interpretation. The second one is Highball Shooter from the classic Deep Purple album Stormbringer (featuring the fabulous ballad "Soldier of Fortune").

    Big funk party! That's what we want!

    Tom @ RockReunion.com

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