Building The Machine review

  • Well, I couldn't wait and dug into the pockets to pay extra for an early copy on ebay. It was SOOOOOO!!!!! WORTH IT!!!!
    Anyone who liked the Insense & Peaches Cd will love this one. It has the feel of "Down the Wire" to it. Cant Stop the Flood is just like Down the Wire with its Hard Funk edge. If you dont like this you dont like Glenn. The next track blends right into the groove of the first. Inside is another good hard funk song. Out on Me shows Glenn using the higher side of his voice and is a mid tempo rocker. I just want to Celebrate is a remake of an Earth song-Good too!! Dont let it Slip Away goes back to the funk. Reminds me of Stoned in the Temple. Glenn again uses the higher side of his voice on the chorus. Highball Shooter-Another Purple remake-gotta be honest, could of done without this one and taken another original song. With that said, it's a good song. Feels like Home is a slower song that reminds me of a few tunes on From Now On. When You Fall has a heavy Purple-like sound to it mixed with funk. My second favorite on the disc behind the opener. I will Follow you is a Great Song- one of the slowere ones on the album. I dont like most of his slower tunes, but this one hits the mark. Beyond the Numb clocks in a 7:44 and is one of those slow builders like I Dont Want to Live That Way Again. Big Sky agais a slow song to end the album. I wish it ended with a hard rocker-I dont have Cosmic Spell on my copy so I dont know what it is like. Big Sky is a great song though as it is a song of reflecting back. Overall, I can say it is the BEST Glenn Hughes Album I have heard next to Play ME Out. I have been waiting for an album like this since he teased us with FEEL. If you buy one cd between now and the end of the year....make it this one. It's got it all. Again, the only thing I would change is to remove the Purple cover. Buy it...Enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the great review.

    Man, what a blinder, eh! This is DEFINITELY the album David and I have been waiting for in a long, long time!

    Right then - Beyond The Numb and Big Sky are our current favourites - but that doesn't discount the opener, pretty much any of the others!!

    But agree with you about Highball Shooter, a good remake, but perhaps that should of been the Japanese bonus track? Haven't heard Cosmic Spell yet either, but would think the Purple number would be a better choice for the Japanese market?!?!

    Anyway, lapping it up here - CD player is on overtime ;)

  • I think the Cosmic Spell Bonus track is great. It makes the cd finish off with a great hard rock/funk song just like it starts. Cosmic Spell is a little more like a George Clinton funk song toward the end but I think it is a must have song. I like the Purple stuff but it didn't recreate the song(Highball Shooter) merely just updated it. I personally think the Purple remakes have been flogged to death. Glenn is a great songwriter who doesn't need to keep going to the closet and pull out his old tunes and redo them to get us to buy his music. If he is going to cover stuff, make it songs that he likes: Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone. We've heard him do Highball Shooter, Burn, Holy Man, etc. Lets hear stuff we haven't heard him do. My opinion fo better or worse.


  • This one is in my car alot and I find myself hearing the songs a week or two later in my head and thinking about them for long afterwards. What a great album...for some reason I was not taken with it when it came out but started really liking it a couple of years later. Just brilliant stuff. I woke up today and started thinking about it. 99-2003 was for me a golden and treasured era of GH output.


  • Yeah, this is my favourite Glenn album with a great funky groove and its a great pity that none of these tracks get a look in any more at live gigs.

    However, it must be the worse album cover ever on a Glenn Hughes album and there have been a few shockers!

  • It's always a happy day when a new Glenn Hughes release comes out, I've never been disappointed! Building the Machine was no exception, it really blew my mind! Still one of my faves!

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