Brazen Abbot - Live And Learn

  • Glenn does guest vocals on 3 tracks on this album, as well as doing the lyrics for them. The album revolves around guitarist Nikolo Kotzev and Glenn's involvement came through Ian Haughland, the Europe drummer who played with Glenn on his '94 tour and also does the drum parts on the Brazen Abbot album.

    The album is a straight ahead rock album but the primary focus is on the tracks our man sings on. The 3 tracks are Miracle, Clean Up Man and the title track, Live And Learn.

    Miracle is rock type ballad given the usual 'Voice' treatment. Clean Up Man stomps along on a great solo riff with elements of funk and Glenn is in fine form sounding as though he is really enjoying himself. The best track, though, is Live And Learn, with a melodic, acoustic intro, building into a powerful slow-rock track. At times through these tracks, Glenn goes into what he occassionally refers to as "full-turbo" mode. You know, that BIG Glenn Hughes vocal delivery that only he can do.

    For these tracks alone the album should be a must for all GH fans!

  • I love the Brazen Abbott cd, especially Glenn's contributions. Kotsev is an interesting player, and the songs are good. Glenn, however, steals the show. Clean Up Man is very funky, and Glenn sits right on top throughout the tune. The leadoff track is also very good, but I can't recall the title. Bottom line: Hughes stands head and shoulders above the other musicians, as he does on seemingly all of his session work, and you have to think...what would Live And Learn sound like minus Glenn? Not very special, but listenable.

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