Richie Kotzen - Wave Of Emotion

  • A really great soulful/funky album from a great guitarist. Glenn is classed as backing vocals, although it sounds like he sings alone/in lead harmony on Stoned, where Glenn and Richie sound like it's Glenn and David Coverdale all over again, only funkier this time.

    Apparently these backing vocals were at Richie's house and Stoned was actually written by Glenn. Glenn has the highest regard for Richie, and vice versa, and if this is anything to go by then it would be a partnership made in heaven. A great album, check it out!

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  • Get Glenn's "Incense & Peaches" archive CD. There are a few more Hughes/Kotzen songs there, including a version of "Stoned" that has Glenn on all vocals. My favorite is the leadoff, "Down the Wire", which has some cool funky guitar by Kotzen.

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