Mark & Brian Xmas Show

  • This time in the February 2001 issue of Classic Rock magazine.

    Although it's more a report on David Coverdale's current status than Glenn's! It just reports that David and Glenn appeared together at the Mark & Brian show this past December. Nothing new there!

    One good quote from Coverdale however, "I'm doing it because they asked, and they weren't some big hair reunion tour"!!

    We're a little disappointed with Classic Rock, although it's great they included a picture of Glenn, they didn't report on his live appearance in London, despite covering the Molly Hatchet and Jefferson Starship shows that took place the same week. Hopefully they'll find room for some of his East Coast or European performances this year.

  • Great show....yea, Glenn BLEW COVERDALE off the stage that day and it was'nt too long ago. Glenn is the GREATEST SINGER in the WORLD. Coverdale could NEVER come close to Glenn range and POWER.
    Nice site. Joseph :D

  • Wasn't sure if this was ever posted here, but since I had it I thought I would post. It is a HOT version of Burn featuring Ronnie Montrose, Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale. Don't remember where I got it even. Hope everyone enjoys and that I did this right :huh:

  • Good to see an update of this "Purple Boys" event.

    Yep, the first photograph of GH and DC
    (wearing black and hugging each other)
    is the one that I have had printed on my
    morning coffee mug a few years ago.

    One question, though:
    In the artwork for this cover............

    In between "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
    and "Burn," where's the listing for Glenn's
    blistering performance of;


    (Once again, Glenn walks up to the microphone,
    blows the roof off, and steals the show.)

    Is this an "edited" CD copy of this event???????

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