Butterfly Ball Live

  • Quote from equinox91

    The blame or credit for the occasional resurgence of this film
    sits firmly in the hands of the filmmakers or whomever owns
    the rights, I guess.

    Thanks for this honest review, Brian.
    The DVD is that terrible, huh?

    You would think that the actual performers
    would have SOME SAY as to its release,
    based on the quality of the filming and editing.

    Could every performer involved with this concert
    have signed away ALL FUTURE RIGHTS to this?
    Too bad.........


  • Thanks Grace. I hate being so negative but I needed to be honest. Its not so much a problem with the DVD itself as it is with the original film contained therein. It would have been so much better if it had just been the concert and nothing else. I feel the same as I did when I saw Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same. I just want to see live concert footage. The fantasy segment stuff is OK but it takes away from the impact of a seminal band in its element - on stage.

    As for the rights to the show, I think it shows the respect for Glover and the overall comraderie amongst this group of musicians that so much talent was assembled on one stage without any thought to rights, etc. I think the only musician possibly having any claim to it is Glover because he wrote the music. He must've not had good management on his side overlooking the business end for him. Now it keeps coming back to haunt him.

    All performances, sounds and images are probably owned by the film-makers or to whomever they licensed this material. The only recourse for Glover (or any of the performers) at this point is to buy back the rights and then do with it as they wish. Also, Glenn might have a claim against this company because his image was used all over the place on the packaging without his permission. I'm not sure if he's seen the film and is embarrassed by it or doesn't care one way or the other. He's always been so good about not airing grievances publicly that I would imagine he views this as not being worth the trouble. He has bigger and better things to do right now!


  • I wish someone would have put enough thought into it and put two versions on the same disc. One of the original concept with all the b.s., and another of just the concert itself.

    Oh well...I guess if they wanted my opinion, they would have asked for it :lol:

    I've ordered it anyway, to replace my VHS version. Plus, I imagine once this first run of it is gone...it's gone for good.


  • so......

    the DVD has arrived, and basically everything has already been said.

    I was surprised though that there IS actually concert footage, and quite a lot considering the reviews, and all the songs are much longer than on the studio album!
    (I had never seen this before!)

    Here's my take on it:

    1.) The costumes are awful. All of the additional film footage is totally worthless. :1:
    2.) Glenn's not in the best shape. :huh:
    3.) Fancy are great - especially if you try to compare this to their 2 mediocre studio albums. :guitarist :drummer:
    4.) Tony Ashton (R.I.P.) is just outstanding: (possibly) drunk, (very possibly) a wild and crazy guy and (definitely) one hell of a performer! He is able to sing, drink wine and smoke simultaneously. The gap between his two upper front teeth is so big that he can put a cigarette between them and sing at the same time!? He is able to perform with a (burning) cigarette in his nose!!??? :claphands :bow:
    5.) I believe that's Earl Jordan singing Jimmy Helms' part. Excellent! :singer:
    6.) Liza Strike is there in the girls choir - but where's "Fly away" ???? One of my favourite BB songs? :confused:
    7.) It's funny to watch Eddie Hardin sing. He always looks like he is gaspping for air, but that's his style... :singer:
    8.) Coverdale is actually enjoying it. :)
    9.) sooooo many smiles. Great vibes. Also check out Mark Nauseef (percussion) running around the stage. :)
    10.) Eddie Jobson with a big violin solo during "No Solution" (is it?) :clapper:
    11.) great vocals by John Lawton. :singer:
    12.) Ian Gillan in a late sixties styling. :cool:
    13.) Twiggy's sad eyes. :(
    14.) Vincent Price :bow:
    15.) Old Blind Mole: played way too long, and you gotta hate that guy in the costume. :axe:
    16.) Judi Kuhl - a beautiful woman :rose:
    17.) and I have always loved the Helen Chappelle/Barry St. John duet! :) :singer:
    18.) where's Harlequin Hare??? :huh:
    19.) Has the running order been changed for the concert or only for the film? :huh:
    20.) Where can I sign a petition to release the concert film properly? THE CONCERT only, that is!!!!


  • The actual performance is quite cool...but one look at the additonal footage and it is easy to see why this DVD is a huge Maalox moment for Rgoer Glover. His noble intentions are reduced to a joke...too bad!

    This was a big break for John Lawton getting to deputize for Ronnie James Dio. Uriah Heep was another year up the road but Lawton gets to show off his vocal chops here. And Eddie Jobson gives us a plexiglass hoedown....sweet!

    Twiggy was there too..I am abashed to admit that the first time I ever saw Twiggy on the screen was in her cameo role as the "mystery woman" in the "Blues Brothers" movie. When she was a teenager and still known as Leslie Hornsby, her paperboy at one time was none other than Keith Moon. Or so I have read...

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Glenn Hughes about The Butterfly Ball


    My clean-up gig was The Butterfly Ball, the project put together by Roger Glover, held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 16. ... I was nervous, and I had no bass, so I walked on stage with my hands in my pockets. It felt akward, but I had no problem going toe-to-toe with any performer ever. I was also nervous because I was the first performer, but it was no problem for me and after the show I got loaded...

    Roger Glover about The Butterfly Ball


    ... But some songs I wrote just for the song or the animal itself, and I had to search around for the right singer. For example, the Glenn Hughes song ‚Get Ready’ I tried about three or four different singers and none of them really worked until Glenn came along – and he fitted perfectly.


    The attached copy is of poor quality, but still readable when you blow it up a bit.

  • Here we go - the full show is online now :) Happy viewing, folks.
    [ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSEW_4c2o1Y']Roger Glover Butterfly Ball Live Royal Albert Hall - 16.oct.1975 - YouTube[/ame]
    And just who is this Roger Glover? (Dutch TV 1980)
    [ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS75WCz_B6k']Roger Glover - Love is all [Interview TOPPOP 1980] - YouTube[/ame]

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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