Jeff Scott Soto & Tyketto

  • Just wondering, anyone else doing any of the Jeff Scott Soto and/or Tyketto dates here in the UK?
    Come on, we need SOMETHING to keep our spirits up till February! Lol!

  • Yes, David is correct, Todd is going to the London and Liverpool shows. He should have arrived in London this morning.
    I think Todd said that he's contacted Sue about meeting up.....right Sue?
    Hope you guys have a great time. Now I've got the bug to go over in Feb. for Glenn's rescheduled dates.
    Oh, and Sue, make sure Todd brings me back a present.


  • Yes Chip, we've been in touch and are meeting in Liverpool tomorrow. So, what do you want Todd to bring you? I'll put your request for you!!!!!
    We were hoping to have the presence of the great Gaden also, but he's in such high demand elsewhere, we might not have the honour of his company! Oh well, we'll just have to make do with that guy from LA!

  • Yeah..I heard that Mr. Gaden has now reached the level of say... David Hasselhoff in stature and celebrity and could not me bothered with meeting up with the common folk.

    Any kind of present is fine with me long as it's big and expensive.


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