• yesterday....i was in aalen germany.
    seven hour from milan

    David Coverdale had with whitesnake a marvellous concert in Offenbach in
    Germany on saturday evening. However during the encores DC got problems
    his voice.
    His health problems gave a panic when he collapsed immediately after the
    show behind the stage. An emergency doctor sent him to hospital
    The concert in Aalen in Germany was cancelled today and the whole group
    Whitesnake seems to go back home ending prematurely the European tour.
    could not get an answer as to the seriousness of DC's situation at the

    i am very expert in these kind of situations.
    from 1984 so far i missed a lot of gig...cancelled in the same day


  • Good news the health problems aren't severe - the tour resumes in lisbon on the 29th september, apparently it's a damaged shoulder!!


  • Too bad Roberto! Also for DC. Hope he's back in shape soon. I think you have statistically proven Roberto, that the more shows you go to, the bigger the chance is that you will have to deal with a cancelled gig. The chance might be relatively higher in Germany, that I don't know.


    - Fedor

  • Seems he's better now....from his site.....

    "Well, well. have finally got the official word from the veritable horses mouth (DC) regarding the canceled show in Aalen. It appears that while performing one of his wilder moves in Copenhagen David injured his shoulder. By the time the Offenbach show was finished the pain just became too much so he decided he needed to do something about it, which included getting poked with sharp objects and a stern warning from the doctor to NOT do the show in Aalen. So he is off to Portugal for a few more rounds with LOTS of needles, and of course the lovely and very talented Christie giving him a through work-over. He will be fit, strong and full of fire for the Lisbon show. as well as the rest of the tour!!!!!!!"

  • i don't believe at this shoulder history.
    i was there....and someone told about throat matter.
    david played 8 times in germany, that evening he was tired and he had problems with the throat, so he could skip one show in germany to preserve his voice for spain and portugal.
    i heard myself this story.

    but maybe i am wrong

  • Was meant to be going to see Whitesnake in Glasgow tonight, but the gig has been cancelled. Coverdale has stomach flu, which puts the rest of the UK dates in jeopardy I suppose.

    Glasgow has been re-scheduled to the 2nd December.


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