Will Satan be with Bonnet Friday?

  • Is Satan playing with Graham Bonnet on Friday 24th at Paladino's? Had a great time at JSS so I'm thinking about popping over there again, on another rare night off (we have a private party Sat so no gig Friday).


  • Yo John-
    I just got home from Australia this morning...what a great place it is. The tour was really cool and we hope to get back there again soon. Anyway- YES I AM PLAYING WITH GRAHAM next Friday the 24th at Paladinos again. You should definitely come out as you will probably know just about every song we will play. Hope to see you there dude!

  • Really enjoyed the show, so many great tunes were played from Bonnet's stints with Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz. He was sick with the flu but still was hitting most of the notes. After getting warmed up a few numbers into the night he seemed to come on full song, flu or not! What a great band and I really enjoyed Satan's guitar playing. It was also great to meet Graham and ask him about his vocal technique on Hiroshima and get his view points on the various times I'd seen him with Alcatrazz. What a great guy!


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