Burn to return?

  • The talk in the Whitesnake camp lately speaks of a setlist shake up and possibly inclusions of solo material, Coverdale/Page and some Purple. The latest thoughts are they will open with Burn!

    I'm off to see them in Bradford in October, but I'm curious to know how David will sound if he gives it a shot. He's a lot better than he was on the Mark and Brian show, but he sounds nothing like he did with Purple. Should be interesting!


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  • Hi,
    I spoke with Y&T's Dave Meniketti at Sweden Rock and turned out that he is a friend of Doug Aldrich's. Dave said that Doug is really excited 'cos on next tour he'll be able to play Burn and Mistreated live. That could be a part of the reason why they delayed the release of Whitesnake live - DVD.


  • I went to see Whitsnake in Manchester on their last tour and was pleasantly suprised at how good Coverdale sounded. I'm off to see them again in October and will be interested to here him singing Burn again. I wonder if he's heard Glenn doing Burn and Mistreated recently and thinks he can give him a run for his money, I doubt it, but of course I'm biased. You can't beat a good Coverdale ballad though !!

  • Umm, Glenn will be in the UK in October writing with Tony Iommi.

    Will he also do a guest spot with the Whitesnake boys, I wonder. This could tie up with the Burn re-issue as it is out in Sept.

    I remember Glenn saying something speciel would happen towads the end of this year!!!!

  • Was reading elsewhere that last night in Fürth, Germany - DC opened with Burn and tacked on some verses from Stormbringer!

    Also included was a verse or two acapella-style from Mistreated.

  • Indeed he did Paul! He also includes "Absolution Blues" from Coverdale/Page, and has brought back "Take Me With You" from Trouble. "Don't Break My Heart Again" has also returned, so I'm looking forward to the Bradford show now the set list has had a shake up!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

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