• Since seeing them live for the first time last Autumn supporting GLENN, I was quite impressed, so I went ahead and got their 3 studio albums and was again pleasantly surprised to see them again during the last UK tour with HTP!

    If you like early 70's style British rock, then you're bound to have an affinity with Firebird. Very much in the style of Humble Pie, Free, Rory Gallagher and the like - what you hear is what you get and live performances are where they shine.

    Their 4th album should be out later this year or the early part of next and they're also hoping to put some US East Coast dates together before year's end.

    Anyway, thought this snippet might be of interest and if you want to find out more, you can visit their website.

  • Interesting - I didn't know that they had the support slots -

    - I can remember very well when the local distributor had their first Album on presale back in 2000, and I thought the cover had a vintage thing about it, so I went ahead and ordered one copy for the shop, which I bought myself a few seconds into the first song...
    When the same distributor sold Album No.2 a year later, the same representative gave me a promotional copy... Can't remember where I got their third one though, probably second hand.

    Good band - excellent vintage sound!




  • That does bring back memories of them when they opened up for HTP. It's cool how vintage they are, they even look like they just walked off the stage of the Isle of Wight Festival 34 years ago!


  • That's hilarious John ^^ Although whoever was doing the lighting that night, must have been on something, either that or one too many pints of Guinness :P

    Since you all seemed to enjoy it, here's one other from the same gig.

  • I saw them at the Mean Fidler last October and though they were great, very much like Free to my mind. It was like a trip back in time.I will try to get a couple of there albums as this has reminded me to check them out further.Thanks David.

  • Thanks for great review Wolfy. Sounds like an unforgettable evening. Now waiting with even more anticipation for Glenn's next full UK tour.

    I notice in the pictures you posted that Glenn is wearing his Firebird t-shirt. Does anyone know what has become of them ? I saw them supporting Glenn (and possibly HTP) a couple of times at Mean Fiddler gigs in London on recent tours and also in their own right at a couple of local pub gigs 12/18 months ago. A fantastic band, but I've heard nothing of them since the summer of 2004. It's probably about 18 months since their own website was updated and I believe at that time they were just off to the states to promote their No3 album that had just been released there. Anyone got any ideas ?

  • Tim - hope you don't mind, I moved your post into this thread, as didn't want to take Wolfy's post too off topic.

    To answer your question, I believe they're in the midst of recording their latest album and have played some more dates in Ireland recently. They have a new drummer too. They never did make the States, at least not to play any gigs :(

    As I hear anything more, will post here.

  • Another Firebird update for you!

    Looks like the new album - Hot Wings - from the trio headed up by Bill Steer is out in Japan on May 24th and if I'm not mistaken, it looks like he's recruited Thomas Broman on drums, along with new bass player, Al Steer.

    In addition, they'll be playing some dates in Ireland a week after the new release:

    Thursday, May 25th - Fred Zepplins, Cork
    Friday, May 26th - Fibbers Magees, Dublin
    Saturday, May 27th - Katy Dalys rocKD special, Belfast
    Sunday, May 28th - The Dunglow Bar, L'Derry

    Hope to hear more on the "new" Firebird soon, perhaps if Thomas is around he'll add some more info for us :thumbup:

  • Thanks for the update David. Typical! I'll be on business that very week :( Otherwise would of certainly gone to at least a couple of those dates. Would of been nice to catch up with Thomas. It's turning into a real family tree in our Hughes world :D

  • Hello David,

    How appropos that you would be discussing Firebird with Koss playing on the computer. Time Away has always been a favorite of mine; the full 18 minute version is on the "extras" disc of the Free box set Songs Of Yesterday. The first 11 minutes of the jam find Koss,Simon Kirke, Tetsu Yamauchi and John Martyn jamming in several different grooves and tempos...then Koss strikes gold at around the 11 minute mark and the final 7 minutes are just mind melting. Koss never wastes a note and wrings maximum impact out of his Leslie drenched phrases. Great stuff!! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Just a quick note, if you're fan of Humble Pie and/or Rory Gallagher, you should pick up a copy of the new album. Lots of early 70's influences on this one - not as memorable on the first listen as their 3 previous releases, but given time, is a another fine collection.

    Out now in Japan and next month in Europe, as mentioned earlier.

  • To celebrate the release of their latest album, "Hot Wings" (available in Europe on Rise Above Records), Firebird, will play the first in a series of Rise Above-hosted nights, titled "It's Heavy!", on Sunday, October 22nd at Camden Barfly in London. Doors open 7:00PM.

    Firebird's current recording lineup includes Bill Steer (vocals, guitar), Al Steer (bass) and Ludwig Witt (drums).

    The upcoming shows are:

    October 19th - Halmstad, Sweden - Penny Lane
    October 22nd - London, UK - Camden Barfly
    October 23rd - Manchester, UK - Jabez Clegg

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