New Brian Tichy CD

  • This comes from Blabbermouth:


    TMG - the Tak Matsumoto Group have completed recording their debut album, titled TMG 1. The much anticipated album is set for release in Japan June 23.

    TMG features:

    Tak Matsumoto (guitars)
    Jack Blades (bass)
    Eric Martin (vocals)
    Brian Tichy (drums)

    There are two options for the initial release - a regular CD or a limited edition CD/DVD combo, at a slightly higher price.

    The full track listing is: Oh Japan ~Our Time Is Now . Everything Passes Away . Kings For A Day . I Know You By Heart . I Wish You Were Here . The Greatest Show On Earth . Signs Of Life . Red, White And Bullet Blues . Trapped . My Alibi . Wonderland . Train, Train . Two Of A Kind . Never Good-Bye.

    The band will undertake an extensive Japanese tour in August/September.

    Could be awesome eh?

  • Thanks for information...I like Eric Martin's voice a lot and there isn't anything wrong with bass player's voice either, so this should be nice band to check out!...I assume that guitar player can play as fast as Paul perhaps they will play some Mr.Big covers ...


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