Jeff Scott Soto Queen set

  • Hey Howie, I was just thinking- here's another song to put in your improv/Boogie Nights section.......I'm a SO-MAN!

    Hoping to have dinner with some close friends of yours on Thursday night, so your ears might be burning!

  • Howie, I have to say that for as little as you like Queen you played some great stuff on there. Jeff told me you were playing the Metallica version of Stone Cold Crazy, while the rest of the band played Queen's...haha!


  • And of course, the other major advantage of the CD is you don't have to look at that crazy woman Jeff gets up on stage for the "Show Must Go On" finale....

    That aside, I love it, and so does everybody else I've shown it / played it to!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • I took a couple I know to the Cavern show- the warm up for this years convention. They had never heard of Jeff, but were big Queen fans. On the strength of that performance, they booked to go to the convention last minute, took their 2 kids, the guys sister and her son, and spent the best part of £1000- just to see Jeff again! Now thats a convert if ever I saw one! All I have to do now is get them to come and see Glenn next time he plays and they'll be on the slippery slope to being obsessed like the rest of us!

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