Whole lotta metal (again!!)

  • Hi guys, well the tourdates are all booked some lovely big venues, the guys are all rehearsed up (sound is rockin') check out all the info at www.wholelottametal.com tony martin of black sabbath fame is in fine form along with carl sentance from krokus and geezer butler band and also matt moreton form flickshit and trf and blaze.
    All tickets are now available for all venues but for any midland based fans check out the derby show as its a rouges gallery of a guestlist, Tony iommi (black sabbath) bev bevan (black sabbath - ELO) and Dave hill (slade) and jasper carrot (funky moped!!) should be some aftershow party!!
    thanks y'all.

  • Holly @#!
    Tony shaved his freakin' head! I hate that- to me that's not a classic metal look. That's a 90's Halford thing- and I ain't a big fan of his image. But I do sympathize with Tony on dealing with hair loss! Tony is a great singer, I've always liked his singing a lot.... but where did they come up with Tony Martin being in Whitesnake? .... that ain't right- uh uah.

  • Tony Martin is now out of M3. They have a mini tour booked for June, so I don't know yet who will be taking his place. I had heard he was sacked, but it seems it was a mutual decision as he felt a year was long enough to be doing someone else's songs and wanted to do something of his own.
    Bernie Marsden now has several other possibilities, but I would like to see the return of Stefan Bergren as I thought he was a great frontman. I think they could do with the youngblood back in the band (no offense meant to the rest of them though!).
    If you want to read any more on the subject, check out classicwhitesnake.com

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