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  • Hey folks, I know for a FACT that there are a few Rory Gallagher fans lurking among us GHCP's. So consider this notice: There is a brand new interview with Rory's manager & brother, Donal Gallagher, over at The Fuze. Surf on over to :

    and check it out. While you're there, have a look at the Reviews section and the Star Pickz for suggestions on some great albums to check out.

    Like what you see? Let us know! Want to see something we aren't featuring? Let us know!


  • Thanks Todd, for posting that interview. It's not every day that one can find any background information on Rory Gallagher. And it's always been difficult to find his albums, at least that's
    been my experience.

    My favorite album is the 2 CD set, "BBC Sessions":
    The first CD of live performances, and the second CD of recordings made at the BBC studios,
    under better acoustic conditions.
    (I'm sure that you have this album, but if you don't, it's a must-have.)

    I've never been able to figure out how all these Irish/British guys are able to sound so much
    like BB King's OLDER brother, have you?

    I wonder what a conversation (now) between Donal Gallagher and Johnnie Bolin would sound like......


  • I am a major fan of Rory Gallagher!.. Glad to hear that at least some of GHCP know his name! All my questions about him were always ignored... Do you know if Glenn and Rory were ever friends?

  • I won't ignore your question...but I'm afraid I don't know the answer. I should imagine that Glenn and Rory would have crossed paths at some point or another. And you know that Deep Purple toured with Rory - but that was the Roger Glover-era lineup of Purple. That's how Roger ended up producing Rory's 'Calling Card' album.

    You might want to save that question for Glenn during the next scheduled chat!


  • Todd,

    That new icon that you're using.....
    is that "Rory" as in Rory Gallagher?

    I only have his BBC Sessions album.
    What album is that picture from?
    Or is it from an album?

    Anything by him is harder to find,
    (for me at least) than music by Glenn.


  • Hi Grace,

    Yeah, it's the somewhat eerie cover of Rory's posthumous release "Wheels Within Wheels", an acoustic affair compiled by his brother Donal. I got into Rory a few years ago, when his entire catalog was rereleased on CD here in the States. You should be able to find some of those releases at reputable record stores. Of those, I'd recommend the classic live CD "Irish Tour '74" or "Calling Card" (produced by Roger Glover) as good places to start. The BBC disc you've got is quite good as well.

    By the way, there's a very interesting interview with Donal Gallagher over at the Fuze site. I had the good fortune not only to interview Donal, but to share lunch with the man in London last November. The interview is fascinating, one reason among many being the story behind that album cover. And I'm not tooting my own horn - to Donal's credit, he was incredibly candid and generous with his recollections of growing up with, and managing, his brother Rory.

    About now, I'd expect Kenny to pipe up - if he happens upon this thread.


  • Grace,

    There was a decent sized article on Rory in last months Classic Rock to coincide with a new "best of" type cd release put together by his brother.

    I have a fair bit of his stuff and its easy to get hold of over here.

    Todd, the Irish tour is also on DVD.

  • :cool: excellent thread! :thumbup:

    I have quite some of his albums on CD, my favourites being Tattoo, Irish Tour, Calling Card and Top Priority.
    We even used to play Calling Card in our 3-piece Band.

    I'll never forget a memorable German TV Rockpalast show, some special occasion it must have been, where the line-up of Rory Gallagher, Jack Bruce and Simon Phillips played an unbelievable version of Politician. Fantastic, as I remember. I have only seen this once, late night in a re-run, and unfortunately never again.
    A DVD of RG's memorable Rockpalast gigs is available in Europe, but I haven't bought it yet.

    Also, there are still strong rumours, that a jam session with RG and Thin Lizzy's Philip Lynott, circa 1981-82 was recorded :eek: - the tapes' location unknown :(


  • :eek: Wow.
    I sure got my money's worth asking about Todd's "icon."

    It makes me crazy (and a little sad) that I discovered
    Rory Gallagher because some radio DJ was doing a
    "Today in Rock History" list, and it was the anniversary
    of either his birth or death. Then they played some (???)
    song of his.

    The DJ said that it was a shame that he died so
    (comparitively) young. I said to myself: "Who was this guy?"
    Then I found/bought the BBC Sessions CD.

    Thanks everybody.......for the added information.
    And the music will always live on, huh?


    PS......."a checked shirt and a battered axe"
    Keith - what are you talking about?????

  • I have a video clip of that somewhere. It is a bit large to post in one shot, so if people are interested give me some ideas where to put it and I will upload it if you'd like. I could also do it in parts if that would work...maybe a newsgroup??

    Anyhow, Rory was one of my all time faves. Vintage Guitar did a story on the tenth anniversary of his passing with some great info. Also, there is a wonderful book "Gallagher, Marriott, Derringer and Trower" that is loaded with interviews and insights from Donal as well as former bandmates.

    Actually bought my first flannel shirt after seeing Rory...he was just one brilliant musician.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Quote from toadsterama

    And again, how about that great Candlemass CD, eh? :lol:


    Yep, Todd............Candlemass :snowman:
    A snappy tune from Glenn's Christmas album (which you love).
    I promise, Todd. I'll try to pick it up.

    Sorry that your topic got bamboozled.
    But to me, RG's work is mostly un-discovered.
    I'm happy with the information I got from here, that I didn't know.

  • I'm just teasing, Grace! I don't mind talking about Rory Gallagher at all. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a more divergent pair of artists than Rory Gallagher and Candlemass, LOL.

    I have the Irish Tour DVD by Rory. It's amazing to watch, even if the sound is a bit uneven. And Chip hooked me up with a video of a Rory performance or two a while back. Great stuff. I'm really surprised Kenny hasn't weighed in should see the sparkle in his eye when he talks about Rory Gallagher.


  • Yeah, Todd.....the bad news is that there are numerous

    missing pieces to my music - history education :(

    The good news is that, at least, I know it.

    So you go along.......and try to fill in the blanks.

    Thanks, to all you "Rock Encyclopedia People." :)

  • It irritates the sh*t out of me how Classic rock radio here in the states doesn't play Rory......:mad:

    I love "Crest of a wave" the DEUCE (1971) album.

    Released in November 1971, just six months after his solo debut, Rory Gallagher's second album was the summation of all that he'd promised in the wake of Taste's collapse, and the blueprint for most of what he'd accomplish over the next two years of recording. Largely overlooked by posterity's haste to canonize his next album, Live in Europe, Deuce finds Gallagher torn between the earthy R&B of "Used to Be," a gritty blues fed through by some viciously unrestrained guitar playing, and the jokey, country-billy badinage of "Don't Know Where I'm Going," a too-short snippet that marries Bob Dylan to Ronnie Lane and reminds listeners just how broad Gallagher's sense of humor was. Reflecting the laid-back feel of Rory Gallagher, "I'm Not Awake Yet" is a largely acoustic piece driven as much by Gerry McAvoy's gutbucket bass as by Gallagher's intricate playing; "There's a Light", too, plays to Gallagher's sensitive side, while stating his mastery of the guitar across a protracted solo that isn't simply spellbinding in its restraint, it also has the effect of adding another voice to the proceedings. But such notions of plaintive melodicism are utterly exorcised by the moments of highest drama, a sequence that peaks with the closing, broiling "Crest of a Wave." With bass set on stun, the drums a turbulent wall of sound, and Gallagher's guitar a sonic switchblade, it's a masterpiece of aggressive dynamics, the sound of a band so close to its peak that you can almost touch the electricity. Of course, that peak would come during 1972-1973 with the albums upon which Gallagher's reputation is today most comfortably set. Deuce, however, doesn't simply set the stage for the future, it strikes the light that ignites the entire firestorm.

  • i have that vhs tape david and about 3 rockpalast shows and an italian show right before he died i think i have more rory tapes than anything else

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