ritchie blackmore...

  • ...will play in italy next 23 october in venice, 25 october in milan and 26 october in florence.
    this is usual situation...but...

    friday october 24 at 6.00 pm in the fnac store in the centre of the milan city...
    ritchie blackmore will meet the fans !!!!!!!!!
    do you believe it ??


  • I don't believe it! Honestly, Ritchie doesn't strike me as the social sort when it comes to greeting fans, etc. I'm amazed. That Candace Night sure has had an effect on Ritchie - he's making some of his most creative, emotional music in years. He seems genuinely happy.

    You're very lucky, Roberto, to shake the hand of the 'other' Man in Black.


  • Utterly and totally beyond belief.....I'm scared to meet that man...I hung around after the July 6th Fulda show...Ritchie did make an appearance, but just to talk to his roadies on the stage....Someone shouted "Blackmore!!!!!" and he gave a thumbs up....as he dashed back off the stage and I decided to leave it at that...Didn't want the image ruined. I look forward to your report on this.


  • Nah,
    I dont believe it, until it happens!
    I say he will send the bogus guitarist-look alike from the ill fated 1980 Rod Evans reunion!
    A friend of mine actually got Blackers to sign a T- shirt on the 1984 tour of Oz, then promptly told him and the gathering throng "NOW PISS OFF"
    You gotta love him.

  • it's difficult to believe it.....
    but maybe i will be the car driver of ritchie in milan.
    but...this is a long story.
    i'm crossing the fingers until that day.
    of course i will let uou know everythings


  • i spoke with joe lynn turner in htp tour 2002.
    he told about HTP 1, that he called ritchie to invite to play guest on cd, but at the phone answered always carol stevens or candice night.
    (ritchie can't answer, ritchie is not available !)
    so, joe said: i think ritchie never knew about my called at the phone !!!!!!


  • I'm sure Ritchie will read this thread and call right away!

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • just for information.
    the meeting was cancelled.
    normal situation anyway...
    the reasons ??
    ritchie is just a prisoner of two witches.
    believe me..can't say more...
    but i thing something will change next time...


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