Jeff Scott Soto Queen DVD now available!

    Jeff Scott Soto's performance at the 2003 Queen Convention in the UK has been captured on DVD and is available now from The performance sees Jeff and his solo band - Howie Simon (who?), Alex Papa and Gary Schutt run through a full set of Queen classics in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd. The track listing for the DVD is:

    Procession . Let Me Entertain You . Tie Your Mother Down . Another One Bites The Dust . I Want to Break Free . Keep Yourself Alive . Spread Your Wings . Dragon Attack . Medley: Death On Two Legs, Princes Of The Universe, Tenement Funster, Flick Of The Wrist, Innuendo, Ogre Battle, I'm In Love With My Car . Fat Bottomed Girls . '39 . Hammer to Fall . Don't Stop Me Now . You're My Best Friend . Save Me . I Want It All . [Guitar Solo: featuring Howie Simon] . Stone Cold Crazy . Piano Medley: Dear Friends, You Take My Breath Away, Love Of My Life, Good Old Fashioned Loverboy, Jealousy, Nevermore, Lily Of The Valley, The Millionaire Waltz, Who Wants To Live Forever . Somebody To Love . Killer Queen . Play The Game . These Are The Days Of Our Lives . It's Late . Under Pressure . Radio Ga Ga . [Drum Solo: featuring Alex Papa] . We Will Rock You . We Are The Champions . Encore: Bohemian Rhapsody . The Show Must Go On . God Save The Queen

    Full order, price and shipping details are available via the website:

  • That is one hell of a setlist!!!! So many of my favorite Queen songs. I'll have to finally break down and buy a DVD player now so I can watch this disc!

  • I ordered mine yesterday. Monster set! I'm looking forward to this. A great year for DVD's too. Kiss' Alive IV is out soon, I just got Dio - Evil or Divine (Big Ron is awesome on it!) and Jeff will be on his way shortly. Bring it on!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Well...

    I just got my copy of the DVD in the mail today and I only minutes ago finished watching it. Jeff, Howie, Alex and Gary perform a breathtaking set. When Jeff closes his eyes and sings these songs with a look of elation on his face, you know his heart's in it. What great fun! And a bargain if it were twice the price. Go get yourself an autographed copy from Jeff's web site -!

    And please, Please, PLEASE do yourself the favor and Jeff the honor of attending the show in Los Angeles on Sept. 6th. You will NOT go away disappointed. And my wife and I'll be there, so you'll know someone


    On a final note, the gauntlet has been laid down: Jeff Scott Soto has released TWO DvD's in the past two months. Surely Glenn can get Frontiers behind him and record a show for release, yes?

  • Hey Satan,

    I watched my brand spankin' new Jeff Scott Soto Queen DVD (autographed too, thanks Jeff!) last night and I was BLOWN AWAY! It is unbelievable.

    I'm a big Queen fan, I and indeed all Queen fans are (as you are doubtless aware) quite particular about who performs "our" material. With Freddie having such iconic status we are very wary of people singing and performing Queen songs, but this set is faultless. Not only did Jeff sing superbly, the whole band was tight and I was very impressed with you. You handled all the songs great and I thought you really looked the part with you hair flying around on "Stone Cold Crazy"!

    I just had to say how much I enjoyed it. My family were blown away by Jeff (most of them don't know much about it) and there we several very favourable comments about your work. It was a kick ass show and I just wanted to say thanks for having a big hand in creating one of the best DVD's I've bought for ages!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Cool man-
    Glad you liked it. My only wish was that they were all Deep Purple songs instead of Queen songs!
    Thanks again for the compliments!

  • i saw jss yesterday in belgium and i also got the queen dvd there,i can tell you this is 1 of the best gigs i ever saw he really blew us away,what a great performance!!!!

  • Anyone wanting to see Jeff can catch him at the Lux club in Wigan on Halloween. Please email me on to reserve tickets. It's a full electric set and I can tell you it'll be a show to remember.
    Hope to see some of you there.

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