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  • Hi All! Still struggling with the fact that I've missed shows in Florida and now Bolinfest too. One of the most difficult things, in addition to not seeing Glenn in almost 4 years, is the fact that I also could have seen an old favorite artist from back in the late seventies- Les Dudek. I think Todd commented on his performance stating that he rocked a little more at BolinFest. Just wondering how many others here are familiar with Les Dudek. For years I've checked for his presence on the web, with very little results. But recently I've found that he has a really decent site available. Check it out if you have any interest. I got a really big kick out of the pictures. I own all of his albums including his newest release that takes him back to the sounds of "Say No More" somewhat. Pretty good stuff! My question to you all is- did any one get any pics? (Or dare I ask) if anyone has a DAT available from either of the shows? I'd be interested in a trade if anyone else is. Also, I'm wondering what songs he performed as well- any info would be much appreciated!



  • I took only one or two pictures of Les Dudek at the Velvet Sessions in Orlando, since most
    of the pictures were of Glenn. Send me your address, and I'll send it/them to you, OK?
    Sorry, but I didn't make up a list of songs.

    PS....We have all been hoping for a CD/DVD/video of Glenn's unbelievable performance at
    the "Velvet Sessions" in Orlando, but so far, nothing has been definitely heard from the
    Hard Rock Hotel management.

  • Hi Mark,

    I recently worked with a soundman at one club for several months, who's sadly moved to Florida, he was a roadie for Dudek in the early 80's. Heard some really cool stories about Dudek, including one show they did in Jacksonville with members of the Allman Bros and 38 Special played on the same bill, then there was a huge jam at the end. Anyway, this has definitely put Dudek on my radar, can you recommend some of his best stuff?


  • Thanks David... should have known! He definetly looks a bit older than he does on his latest CD sleave of 2002! That's ok I've aged alot in the last year too....

    Grace- thanks much... I'll send ya my addy. So are we looking for a legit DVD from Florida?
    It can't be all at the mercy of the venue can it?

    John my freind... would love to hear some of the stories. Les's music isn't for every one- he has a couple albums that he really tried to rock more than others. I'd say successfully, but to someone who had always listened to him, it would seem a bit of a tangent. (Gypsy Ride with our Gary Ferguson on drums). He had a formula for several albums that would include two or three rocking songs, but a nice variety of stuff. I do not recomend the album he did with Cher -trying to make a Rock Star out of her (Black Rose)- it was kind of a joke! I'm a bit nastalgic you know- but I would always favor his first two albums. I guess I will always associate them with people and partying on the Illinois river back in my high school days! Even that all a side- there are some classic tracks on these albums. "Sacrifice" that Steve Miller recorded on "Fly Like an Eagle" (Les guested on it too). Each Morning - that grooves along- then grabs you. The Bluesy slide work on "Sad Clown" is great. He has some absolutely beautiful charged solos on "It Can Do" "Central Park" and "Deja Voo". "Say No More" may be his most commercial success (?) It certainly has been the easiest to find. It is very well produced, kinda jazzy, maybe hints of funk and bits of blues. I think it has an instumental or two that are really great- dual drumming and stuff. I think Jeff Porcarro (his brother too?)is all over it. I think knowing you are a musician, I would recommend this one for you first. If I had to pick a favorite track it would be the smooth funked up "Lady Your Nasty" (some great slide work). DFK is a great album too... a case of studio guys collaberating ya know... they ain't no ToTo, but some great quality stuff. Love the song "Just be Happy". uh oh... I feel another "best of " coming on... I tell ya what- send me an email if you are interested in hearing his stuff.


  • Believe it or not, I still have my ticket stub from the July 21st, 1978 show at the Mississippi River Festival on the campus of SIU, Carbondale, Illinois. Les was doing the DFK thing with Jim Krueger and Mike Finnigan. They opened up for Dave Mason.
    I had the pleasure of hanging, and having a few beers with Les and his band in the "furnace room" below the Surf Ballroom. He told some amazing stories.

  • Been to Carbondale a few times...Halloween, to see the Greatful Dead. Whew- what a party school. I was going to be a freshman at ISU in Bloomington/Normal at the time of the DFK show. Too much going on- couldn't make it! Many regrets...then and now.

  • Thanks Grace!
    I recieved the Les Dudek pic today... not just any old pic- A magnetic picture! Wow! Thank you much. It's on the side of my refridgerator- right next to my calender-

    You're the best!


  • Mark,
    Glad that you got the picture. An artist can ask for no greater compliment, than to have
    a photo displayed in a place of prominence and honor......your refrigerator!!!!!!! Ha, ha.

    Uh.....don't you mean that the Les Dudek photo is next to the GLENN HUGHES PICTURE,
    on your refrigerator???? (As all of us GH Crazy People have?)

  • Actually, I've got my GHPG.NET calender on my refridge. I've got 4 autographed pictures of Glenn on my wall of fame (among many others) in the foyer of my house, and a picture of me and Glenn on the fireplace mantel! And yes! That proves it doesn't it? I too- am a Glenn Hughes Crazy person!


  • Yep, you certainly do qualify as a Glenn Hughes Crazy Person.......

    You know, we should have a contest of who has the "best" GH shrine in their home. I've got my BIG POSTER, that GH signed at the Birch Hill concert, and a montage that I made up from copies of album covers of Bolin/Coverdale/Hughes.
    It's amazing what you can come up with, when you Xerox copy-print a picture 65% to 126% in size, make it either photo-print or text-print, lighter or darker....

    PS....there's a moment in the BBC "Rock Family Tree" documentary, where Ian Gillan scoffs that the Deep Purple management wanted to make, and sell, "Deep Purple Wallpaper."

    I find NOTHING WRONG with that decorating concept......ha, ha.

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